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syria breaking news update december 16 2012


Homs: the Syrian Army targets dens and destroys a store for arms and ammo in al-Khalidia

December 16, 2012   9:10 PM

Iraq: nine explosions rock Karkouk, killing 15 and injuring 45 others

December 16, 2012   7:40 PM

Al-Sharee: the settlement should include stopping all kinds of violence and forming a government of National unity

December 16, 2012   6:54 PM

Al-Sharee to al-Akhbar newspaper: the Syrian crisis’s solution should be done by a historical settlement

December 16, 2012   6:53 PM

The Syrian soccer team is qualified to the semi-finals after beating the Jordanian team in the western Asia championship

December 16, 2012   6:37 PM

The Syrian soccer team heads for 2-1 against its Jordanian opponent in the championship of western Asia

December 16, 2012   6:08 PM

The Syrian soccer team scores the tie goal with Jordan in the championship of western Asia

December 16, 2012   5:51 PM

December 16, 2012   10:13 AM

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