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syria breaking news update december 12 2012


Damascus: the journalist Anmar Yassin Muhammad has martyred in the blast of Mezza 86 Madrasa

December 12, 2012   10:19 PM

Our Correspondent: the Syrian Army announces the road of Aleppo airport, through al-Ramousa axis, as safe and secure

December 12, 2012   9:22 PM

Damascus: the explosion in Mezza 86 Madrasa leaves 3 martyrs and 8 injuries

December 12, 2012   8:21 PM

Damascus: an explosion occurs near the Service parking in Mezza 86 Madrasa

December 12, 2012   8:01 PM

Damascus: the toll of the explosion in Kafarsouseh is 7 martyrs and 41 injuries

December 12, 2012   7:32 PM

Damascus: the blast in Kafarsouseh caused 4 martyrs and more than 20 injuries so far

December 12, 2012   6:22 PM

Damascus: 11 injured persons arrive in al-Mwasat hospital after the explosion in Kafarsouseh

December 12, 2012   6:07 PM

Damascus: an explosive charge blasts at the outer door of the interior ministry, located in Kafarsouseh

December 12, 2012   5:40 PM

Our correspondent: an explosion rocks Kafarsouseh area of Damascus

December 12, 2012   5:31 PM

Our correspondent in Homs: the Syrian Army moves forward and takes control over two buildings’ complexes in Jouret al-Shaiah

December 12, 2012   11:56 AM

The French foreign minister: we are not ready to support the Syrian Opposition with arms

December 12, 2012   10:57 AM

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