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Al-Moallem: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey Led by the United States Support, Fund, and Arm Terrorists in Syria

Jan 19, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – In an interview with the Syrian TV on Saturday, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, led by the United States, are supporting, funding and arming terrorists in Syria, and that they work in the framework of an international plan against Syria with political, economic and military aspects.
“We have no delusions that these countries will cease supporting terrorism, but if the violence doesn’t stop, this doesn’t mean that comprehensive national dialogue will not be held,” al-Moallem added.
He pointed out that the political program for resolving the crisis in Syria is based on the concept of particpatory, and does not move from the top to the base, stressing that the current government is responsible for carrying out the preparatory phase, with the national unity government becoming the result of national dialogue.
Al-Moallem said that the preparatory phase in the political program will last for two to three months, and that the government will not play an active role in the national dialogue conference because the active role will be played by the society with its parties and political, social and religious forces.
He pointed out that the national accord is a document produced by those who will participate in the national dialogue conference, and it’s not a premade document, adding that it will guarantee the participation of the Syrian people in dialogue through approving the according or not approving it.
Al-Moallem noted that the political program is the Syrian interpretation of the vague transitional period in the Geneva statement, stressing that there will be no discussion with anyone about anything outside this program.
He added that UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi didn’t  come to Damascus with a project for a political solution; rather he adopted a position matching the ones of the US and the Arab Gulf which conspire against Syria, causing him to deviate from the nature his mission and move away from the principle of objectivity in mediation.
Al-Moallem stressed that it’s not permitted for anyone to slight the position of the presidency, affirming readiness to continue cooperating with Brhaimi, adding that the latter’s mission in the coming stage has become richer through the political program.
He said that the Americans are the ones who lay the framework and the rest of their tools follow it, and that if the United States actually wanted to stop violence in Syria it would have stopped.
“No-one has the decision of legitimacy in Syria except the Syrian people,” the Foreign and Expatriates Minister asserted.
Al-Moallem said that Turkey’s appointment of a “vali” for Syria’s affairs uncovered the truth of Turkey’s grasping plans for Syria and its role in supporting Syria, adding that since terrorism has no religion nor a homeland, it will eventually turn against its makers.
He also said that the US placing of Jabhet al-Nusra on the list of terrorist organization is an ironic step and insufficient.

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