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syria al jaafari the syrian people want a syrian led democracy and not an imposed one through blood

Al-Jaafari: The Syrian People Want a Syrian-led Democracy and Not an Imposed One through Blood 
Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, stressed that the Syrian people want to build a Syrian-made democracy based on a Syrian experience that meets the Syrians’ needs and is led by them, but not a bloody, sectarian and salafi democracy that is imposed from abroad through armed violence.
Al-Jaafari was speaking during a session of the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee discussing a draft resolution on Syria in the framework of item 69 of the agenda titled ‘The Promotion and Protection of Human Rights’.
The Syrian Ambassador stressed that the draft resolution doesn’t lie in the framework of goodwill and has nothing to do with transparency of the care for human rights in Syria as it holds the Syrian government responsible for all what happened in Syria without addressing any condemnation to the armed terrorist groups and the countries manipulating them.

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