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Syria Al Assad and Hezbollah

Al-Akhbar Newspaper:

According to a senior Israeli officer, the relation between Hezbollah and Assad regime, which used to be an intersection of interests, has become a unity of battle and destiny.


President Assad - Sayyed Nasrallah

Israel tried to change the rules of engagement in a way that it strikes targets in Lebanon without responses, yet it ended up attempting to protect its soldiers along the borders, he added.

“Hezbollah intervention in the Syrian war made President Assad be ready to provide Hezbollah with all the game-changing weapons and to enter the battlefield to support the party.”

The Israeli officer said that the Syrian army will strike Tel Aviv with heavy weapons in case Israel launches a war against Hezbollah.

He added that the Israeli estimations indicate that Hezbollah and the Syrian army are behind the explosions that targeted the Israeli military patrols on the Golan Heights.

Regarding Hezbollah military capabilities, the Zionist officer said that Hezbollah possesses over 100 thousand pinpoint rockets, what makes the party able to target the Zionist entity with 3000 daily rockets.

“The Zionist army is worried about the military experience which Hezbollah fighters gained from the Syrian war,” the Israeli officer added.

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