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9 Syrian Refugees Killed, 10 Others Injured in a Fire at Ramtha Camp

Jan 17, 2013

AMMAN, (SANA)- Nine Syrian refugees of one family were killed and ten others were injured in a fire that erupted in one of the caravans at a camp placed in the garden of Ramtha city in Jordan on Wednesday.

“It was not yet clear what caused the fire, but some sources said that a kerosene heater triggered it,” Russia Today website quoted a Jordanian Civil Defense source as saying.

The source pointed out that the dead are of one family who are staying in the same caravan, noting that some of the injured are in critical condition according to primary medical reports.

Dozens of Syrian refugees staged a sit-in in front of the gate of the camp in protest against the difficult conditions in which they are living.

The Syrian refugees, who Syrian due to the terrorist acts of the armed terrorist groups in Syria which backed by some Arab and Western countries, have staged many sit-ins, among them a sit-in at al-Zaatari camp on January 2 in which they tried to get covers to ward off the cold weather.

Some eight persons were injured as the Jordanian security used tear gas against the

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