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syria 75 insurgents killed in hama

75 insurgents killed in Hama


The militias of Free Army have attacked Sheizar, al-Zalakiat and Abu Obaida towns of Hama countryside, on the “Battle of Liberating Hama”.The armed attacks were foiled by the Syrian Army, where the militants used thermal rocket, light and medium weapons. Our correspondent stated that these battles killed 75 Free Army insurgents, including Muhammad Saleh al-Darwish, his brother Ahmad al-Darwish, Hussein Suleiman Hamad, his brother Ahmad Hamad, Abed al-Hamid al-Kheder, Muhammad al-Shamia, Aqrama Saleh al-Bakkour, Wael Halabi, as our sources affirmed the injury of the leader of Sawt al-Haqq battalion. No the other hand, two Free Army militants were killed in clashing with the extremists of al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra in front in Saraqeb town of Edlib countryside. The Syrian Army confronted armed attacks on al-Tarma and al-Qalaa neighborhoods of Harem towns, what resulted in deaths and injuries of the militants, including Khalid Ahmad al-Yassouf. Furthermore, the Army also foiled an attack by insurgents on Wadi al-Deif strategic location, what resulted in the death of 15 gunmen, including Basel Abed al-Karim al-Shahoud. 


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