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SYP 100 Million for Rehabilitation of Aleppo University, Another SYP 1 Billion for Affected Citizens

Feb 20, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The Construction Committee agreed on the Ministry of Higher Education’s request to allocate SYP 100 million to carry out maintenance and rehabilitation works for the damaged parts of the faculties and dormitory at the University of Aleppo due to the acts of the armed terrorist groups.

The Committee’s approval came during a meeting on Wednesday held under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Minister of Local Administration, Omar Ghalawanji, in the presence of Minister of Social Affairs, Kinda al-Shammat.

The Committee also agreed on taking the necessary measures regarding the damage to the buildings belonging to the General Housing Establishment and the Ministry of Information.

Other financial allocations were agreed on for repair works caused to various state service facilities in different provinces. The Committee also agreed on assigning the Ministry of Social Affairs to submit the draft law on amending the formation of the Relief Committee and to prepare a full study on its suggestions for reviving the Social Takaful Fund.

The Committee asked the Minister of Finance to issue a decision to allocate a sum of SYP 1 billion to spend compensations of 50 % of the damage’s value to affected citizens due to the events between June 1, 2012 and October 1, 2012.

Minister of Local Administration, Omar Ghalawanji, reviewed the decisions already taken by the Committee regarding the transfer of SYP 1.3 billion from its accounts to private sub-accounts in the provinces for compensations of 100 % of the damage’s value to affected citizens before June 15, 2012.

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