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Strong Explosion Kills 4 US’s Kurdish SDF Terrorists in Deir Ezzor

Strong Explosion Kills 4 US-sponsored Kurdish SDF Terrorists in Deir Ezzor - مقتل 4 إرهابيين من قسد بينهم قيادي يدعى كريبوز بريف دير الزور

A vehicle carrying terrorists of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists was blown up and its 4 passengers were killed in the northeast of Syria, multiple reports confirmed.

The explosion, unclear whether caused by a roadside bomb or an RPG rocket took place on Saturday afternoon, 20 May on the Abu Khashab Road in the northwestern Deir Ezzor countryside, in northern Syria, several sources say.

One of the sources reporting the attack is Sputnik which had some extra details:

‘The four armed men killed include the regional commander of ‘Sahet al-Kasrah’ known for his bloodthirst in the large explosion that targeted their US-made armored vehicle.’

Strong Explosion Kills 4 US-sponsored Kurdish SDF Terrorists in Deir Ezzor - مقتل 4 إرهابيين من قسد بينهم قيادي يدعى كريبوز بريف دير الزور
The ‘Kriboz’ with some of his colleagues

Local sources named the killed commander of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists a so-called ‘Kriboz’, which must have some meaning in the Kurdish language.

Kurdish SDF terrorists rushed the bodies of the killed terrorists to a nearby hospital in Raqqa province, one source said there was one survivor in the passengers of the doomed vehicle in critical condition. A state of panic and chaos spread among the SDF terrorists who erected dozens of checkpoints and blocked the area between Muhaymdiyah and Jazrat towns.

There has been no party claiming responsibility for this explosion by the time of this report, the Kurds, conveniently blame the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists, who would have bragged about the attack immediately if they were behind it, an Aleppo-based observer monitoring the armed terrorists in northern Syria explained.

On their part, propagandists for the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists occupying the oil, gas, and wheat fields in northern Syria claim that 3 of its members were injured in the completely destroyed vehicle targeted by the explosion denying anybody was killed.

‘Every spy agency with black-ops outside its country’s borders has an identifiable footprint in its operations except the CIA, chaotic and unexplained operations are often attributed to this apparatus the likes of having two of its own proxies targeting each other under its supervision,’ a known fact among security agencies.

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  1. Roy

    Something similar happened to the Black Panthers in the USA a number decades ago; the FBI claimed that the victims were blown up by their own explosives; to prove it the FBI supposedly collected all 10,000 pieces of the bomb and the fingerprints matched, of course there was no one left alive to challenge that claim in Court. That would have been my godfather who was behind that claim.

  2. Suzann Choate

    How long are we going to set back and between The Us and Russia watch the poor suffering people of Syria have to continue going through this hell they have been living over 12 years go on. The US and Russia should get out of Syria or do what we are there for. Hospital helping keep food paths open. I pray the big shots come to there senses soon

    • Muhammad Turkmani

      How did you put both Russia and the USA in the same category in regard to their presence in Syria? One was invited by the Syrian government, Russia to help counter the evilness brought to Syria by the uninvited other one, the USA..!


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