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sorry isil attack


All of us expected American air strikes on Iraqi land soon but we did not think that Americans will dare to bomb Syrian soil.

But now after more than 40 countries mostly Arabs sharing the same interests with America have joined and now America has gained both the momentum and the courage to strike having more than 40 countries to hide behind.

A new alliance formed to fight the same group they all joined years ago to fund and train to achieve the America New World Order in the middle east.

And as Sayid Hassan Nasrullah said yesterday, did the American and Arab conscious wake now after 3 years of bloodshed rape murder and barbaric actions of long bearded monsters.

How do you expect us to join you and help you kill the monster you created and funded.

We will fight ISIL and we have been  doing this for 2 years now and all your campaign is a just a tricky play to attack AL Assad.

However, Barack Obama vowed more strikes against terrorists in Syria on Tuesday after US forces carried out separate air raids targeting the militants of so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) and an al-Qaeda affiliate groups that Washington said was plotting attacks on America and Europe.

“We will not tolerate safe havens for terrorists who threaten our people,” Obama said as he left the White House to travel to the United Nations in New York, where he will meet officials from Arab nations that joined in the strikes against the ISIL group.

Speaking just hours after he launched the air strikes, Obama said the coalition “represents partners and friends with which we have worked for many, many years to make sure that security and prosperity exists in this region.”

However, the Syrian president was informed hours ago of the air strikes however Iran and Russia claimed these strikes to be illegal due to the absence of the confirmation of both the Syrian government and the UN.

Flanked by Secretary of State John Kerry and national security advisor Susan Rice, Obama told the leaders of Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq he was “very appreciative” of their help.

He praised them “all for their participation and commitment to rolling back the violent extremism that has so disrupted Iraq and Syria and friends in the region as a whole.”

The US leader said the strength of the coalition, now at more than 40 countries, showed the fight against such militants is not America’s alone.

“The overall effort will take time. There will be challenges ahead but we’re going to do what’s necessary to take the fight to this terrorist group,” Obama said.

Obama said the campaign is in line with the strategy he outlined earlier this month to combat ISIL.

On the other hand, (Qouting Al MANAR)
US strikes have killed a senior operative from Al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch of Al-Nusra northern province of Aleppo, activists said on Wednesday.

Abu Yusef al-Turki, a 47-year-old Turkish fighter, was among 50 militants killed in strikes on Tuesday against what the United States called an Al-Qaeda cell that had been planning attacks on Western interests.

“Al-Nusra Front members are very sad today because of this death,” Ibrahim al-Idlibi, an activist in Idleb province in northwestern Syria, told AFP.

Turki, a sniper, had arrived in Syria 18 months ago and fought the Syrian army in the central province of Hamah and the coastal region of Latakia, as well as Idleb.

He had also trained Nusra’s elite snipers, he added.

Turki’s death was even reported in Syria’s Al-Watan newspaper, which described him as “the most famous sniper in the world”.


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