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senator refutes us allegations of not supplying terrorists in syria with weapons

Feb 07, 2013

WASHINGTON, (SANA)-US Republican Senator Rand Paul revealed the lies of the statements of a number of US officials who claimed that they don’t send weapons to the armed groups in Syria, referring to confirmed information about weapon shipment from Libya to Syria under US sponsorship.
“One of the questions that I raised to the US former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was if we coordinate to send weapons from Libya to Turkey, then to the gunmen in Syria.. she answered no, but before one week of the assassination of US Ambassador in Libya, a ship loaded with weapons left Libya with the recognition of the Americans.
The ship captain talked about weapons which were sent to the gunmen in Syria who fight each other on who got weapons and who didn’t,” Paul said in a speech to the CNN.
He added that the majority of the gunmen in Syria belong to the terrorist Jabhat al-Nusra groups, to al-Qaeda or they are extremist members, affirming that the US administration is mistaken being involved in sending weapons to gunmen as this poses a threat to the Syrian people.

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