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Syria- SAA Advances in al-Qussayr

FSA Drowning

While NATO propagandists work hard to show their activists from closed rooms claiming their ‘heroic’ Nusra Front have thwarted all Syrian Arab Army attempts to enter the strategic city of Al-Qussayr city in Homs countryside near the Lebanese borders, SAA units not only advance through the center of the city, they also take Hamidiyeh town and enter Dhaba airport to cut the last roots of supply these Alqaeda Levant (Nusra Front) get through Lebanon and Damascus – Homs desert countrysides.

Map of Qussayr City
Map of Qussayr City

Hussein Murtada from Al-Alam TV – banned in western countries as they claim they promote ‘free speech’ reports from the heart of the city of Qussayr, report with English subtitles.

Video also available on BitChute:

Meanwhile, the Syrian government signaled its ‘initiative’ approval to attend an anticipated conference in Geneva 2 to appease its allies in Russia and others who believe in dialogue with the daemons of the world in the west, especially with news that Russia’s Putin has halted the delivery of S300 missiles to Syria in western mainstream media, but what really will decide Syria’s future are these men, the men of the Syrian Arab Army writing Syria’s future with their victories over terrorists supported by more than 35 countries to destroy their country:

Syrian Arab Army Armored Vehicle
Syrian Arab Army Armored Vehicle

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  1. Sasha

    All Blessings to the courage and bravery of Syrian soldiers,people who are fighting a battle of biblical proportions.. May you win and send warmongering demons to hell where they came from-Inshalah !


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