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saa advances in geweran hasakah

Geweran District, Hasaka

Syrian Arab Army, the only forces actually fighting terrorists from ISIS et al for over 4.5 years, has made important advances in Hasakah province, north east of Syria.

Geweran District, Hasakah
Geweran District, Hasakah

The SAA aided by local defense, police forces and augmented by men from a number of tribes in Der Ezzor and Hasakah, has cleared all of western Geweran neighborhood in the city from the Obama and Turkish regimes sponsored ISIS terrorists and commenced liberating the eastern part of Geweran.

Meanwhile, the ‘coalition’ led by the Obama regime are still mistaking the convoys of ISIS terrorists and dropping munitions to them while training officially and overtly other terrorists under the guise of ‘Moderate Rebels‘, to later have these ‘moderates’ defect to radical terrorists, as usual. The Turkish regime of Erdogan is not sitting and watching, rather actively sponsoring ISIS logistically, financially by buying oil from the terrorist organization and politically by living in denial until the hammer smashes its ugly hypocrite head.

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