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Russian Journalists have Proof Syrian Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons


According to some journalists from Russia, who were on a so-called assignment in Syria, there is no more any doubt that the foreign-backed opposition fighters and terrorists have used chemical weapons in attacks in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) on March 19.

These Russian journalists have allegedly handed some videos to the United Nation Secretariat. The videos show the foreign-backed fighters of the so-called “opposition forces” using chemical weapons in attacks in the area of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The report about these videos, which were handed to the United Nation Secretariat by these Russian journalists were already confirmed by the spokesman for the Deputy Secretary, General Farhan Haq.

General Farhan Haq said about these videos showing the “opposition fighters” using chemical weapons in their attacks on March 19, that the information will be given to Oke Selstemu, who is the head of the experts (UN) who investigate the possible use of chemical weapons / weapons of mass destruction within Syria. It is questionable whether these videos from the Russian journalists will change anything. The propaganda will be still maintained by the United Nations (UN) and all other biased organisations and media agencies in the West.

The Syrian government in the capital Damascus has informed the UN Secretariat about the use of chemical weapons in attacks by the foreign-backed terrorist forced (already in March) and also the journalist Anastasia Popova (RTR) has confirmed already that so-called toxic substance were used by the “opposition forces” in some attacks, while there is no footage of this use, but there are eyewitness accounts.

For example, some doctors in Syria who took care about the dead and injured people and also some statements from experts who are working at the University of the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab).

There is still no agreement between the biased United Nation (UN) and the Syrian government about an investigative mission by an UN team of experts on the alleged use of chemical weapons in the vicinity of Aleppo and some other regions within Syria.

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