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Russian and Syrian Forces Destroy Al Qaeda Facilities in Northern Syria

SAA and Russian forces bomb Al Qaeda gatherings in Idlib, Hama, Aleppo

Russian air force and Syrian artillery pummelled gatherings and facilities used by Al Qaeda and its affiliates in the Idlib and Aleppo provinces today, Saturday 13 of March, multiple local sources reported.

The reports of 5 airstrikes by Russian fighter jets emerged in the farmlands between Daret Izza and Maklabees and Takad in Aleppo’s western countryside, northwest of Syria.

The Turkish-sponsored Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant is suppressing the information about their casualties from these strikes.

Simultaneously, the Syrian Army’s artillery targeted a gathering of one of the Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups in the Kafridin village in the western Idlib countryside, northwest of Syria.

Groups of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists were also spotted and targeted by the Syrian military moving between the villages and towns of Ziyara, Mashik, Khirbet Naqoos, Tal Wasset, and Shagourit in the northern Al Ghab Plains, Hama western countryside.

The agreements between Russia, Iran, and Turkey in Astana and Moscow also dubbed the Idlib Agreement exclude terrorist groups from the ceasefire between the Syrian Army and the Turkish army, NATO’s second-largest army in the northwest of Syria. Erdogan was given time to disarm Al Qaeda groups operating under the Turkish command and withdraw tens of thousands of the foreign fighters of them from the regions occupied by the Turkish army; instead, Erdogan beefed up the foreign terrorists in the region and shipped Syrian mercenary fighters of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radical organization led by Erdogan himself to fight in other military adventures of the Janissary armies of Erdogan in Nagorno Karabach, Libya, and Yemen.

Earlier in the month, the Syrian army destroyed illegal oil makeshift refinery and storage facilities run by Al Qaeda in the eastern Aleppo countryside through which Erdogan buys stolen Syrian oil for peanuts from the US-sponsored Kurds and sells it to his friends in Israel.

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