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Russia: Syrian Opposition Seeks Pretext for War on Syria

Syria: RT’s Maria Finoshina in Darayya

Moscow: UN inspectors ignored factual evidence on chemical attacks in Syria.

New statements by Russia say that there is no reason to doubt the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad in their vows to comply with the agreement between Moscow and Washington on the chemical weapons stockpiles on Syrian soil and that the foreign-backed “Syrian opposition” would seek a pretext in order to incite a war on Damascus.

And all this while Russia also blames the UN report and the inspectors of the United Nations (UN) for ignoring factual evidence in their report on the use of chemical weapons in attacks near Syria’s capital Damascus in August. Moscow stated in new statements that is has evidence that proves the foreign-backed “Syrian opposition” continuously seeks a pretext in order to provoke a military intervention in Syria by foreign countries.

According to the new statements by Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov from Wednesday, there are plenty of reports on the use of chemical weapons and these reports also indicate that the so-called “Syrian opposition” regularly resorts to provocations in order to trigger a foreign military intervention and strikes against Syria.

The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov added that Moscow will submit the evidence, which it has received from the Syrian government, to the UN Security Council (UNSC) and that the evidence proves that the foreign-backed terrorists on Syrian soil have used chemical weapons in the fatal chemical attack in the countryside of Damascus on August 21.

According to the statements by Sergey Lavrov, the data about the situation that the foreign-backed terrorists have used chemical weapons is presented in the report, which was put together by Russian experts. The Russian Foreign Minister added that the data was also put together by the experts of Moscow in association with the chemical weapons use in Khan al-Assal (near Aleppo) in March this year. Sergey Lavrov underlined that there is also a lot of data on the chemical weapons use that occurred in al-Ghouta (countryside of Damascus) in last month.

In the meantime, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in new remarks in an interview with Maria Finoshina (Russia Today / RT) that the inspectors of the United Nations (UN) have ignored factual evidence on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The evidence by the Syrian government was submitted to the United Nations (UN) by Russia but the UN inspectors ignored the evidence on the chemical weapons use from Russia and Syria in their report.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia even stated in this exclusive interview with RTs Maria Finoshina that the UN report by the inspectors is biased and needs reinvestigation. Sergey Ryabkov stressed in his interview with Russia Today (RT) that the Syrian side has “conducted their own sampling and investigation, analysis in terms of possible evidence of the rebels being responsible for the tragic episodes both on August 21, but beyond that also on August 22, 23 and 24.”

Syria: RT’s Maria Finoshina in Darayya
Syria: RT’s Maria Finoshina in Darayya

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister added that there were actually more than just one chemical attack in August and that the inspectors of the UN (United Nations), under the lead of the Swedish arms expert Ake Sellstrom, knew about this, too. However, so Ryabkov, the UN inspectors have ignored the information in their report about the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Ryabkov said in his interview with Maria Finoshina (Russia Today / RT) that the material (evidence) was discreetly handed over to the Swedish arms expert Ake Sellstrom, who was the head of the UN mission in Syria. They have investigated the incidents of al-Ghouta (near Damascus) and the head of the UN mission was asked by Moscow to also investigate the data and evidence given to him and to “eventually factor this new evidence into the final report.” But according to the statements of Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, this “never happened in fact.” It is probably to understand why Moscow is a little bit pissed about the UN report and the behaviour of the UN inspectors in general.

Russia’s Minister finally said in the end of his interview that this is just one of the reasons why Moscow criticizes the “speed with which the report was released” and the incomplete content of this UN report about the use of chemical weapons around Damascus in August this year.

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  1. ForgeRat

    Al Qaeda linked rebels carrying chemical weapons were captured in Turkey by Turkish Police.
    What ever happened to them & those weapons?

    If Syrian government use of CW was not a staged False Flag event then surely their capture would mean they & their weapons are still in Turkish custody.

    Ask the Turkish Government to produce these terrorists & compare the Sarin they were caught carrying to the samples taken in targeted areas.

    What excuses will they have for not producing this evidence? It does not matter because the silencing of this news story & no rebels in custody would prove 100% that rebels are behind the initial CW attacks.


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