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Russia, Iran, Algeria, Hezbollah, Lebanese President Condemn the Assassination of Scholar al-Bouti

Mar 22, 2013
CAPITALS, (SANA)- The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday expressed condemnation of the assassination of scholar Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti in a suicide terrorist bombing in al-Iman Mosque in Damascus. “We firmly condemn the terrorists’ new heinous crime,” Russia Today website quoted the Ministry as saying in a statement. “There is no doubt about the forces that stand behind the killing of Muslim clergymen who depend on the principles of moderation, tolerance and patriotism,” the statement added. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, said “the extremists didn’t forgive al-Bouti’s call for peace and condemning terrorism and armed violence or the criticism he made against the extremists who hide behind the banner of Islam because of their ignorance of religion.”

Iran: Al-Bouti Assassination Is Crime against Religion and Humanity

Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the assassination of scholar Dr. Mohamamd Said Ramadan al-Bouti and the students who were martyred along him, considering this criminal act as a crime “against religion and humanity.” In a statement issued on Friday, the Ministry said the struggle and martyrdom of “one of the great scholars and advocates of rapproachement of Islamic schools and Islamic resistance against Zionism” will contribute to erasing the scheme of the US and Zionist entity and their agents in the region. The statement expressed the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s condolences to the scholars of Islam and particularly the Levant Scholars Union, the Syrian people and the martyrs’ families over the martyrdom of Dr. al-Bouti.

Adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader: Assassination Is Message to Powers of World Arrogance

Advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader, former Secretary General of the Forum for Rapprochement of Islamic Schools in the World, Mohammad Ali al-Taskhiri, said the crime of assassinating scholar al-Bouti constitutes a great loss and calamity. “The martyrdom of scholar al-Bouti while he is at the platform of call for moderate Islam and defending sanctities and lives is a greatest message to the powers of world arrogance and Zionism and their agents allied with terrorism,” al-Taskhiri added in a statement.

Lebanese President Denounces Assassination of al-Bouti

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman strongly denounced the bombing which took place in al-Iman Mosque and claimed the life of al-Bouti and other civilians, describing this crime as a “first class terrorist act” that cannot be accepted by any convention. “We denounce this act no matter its goal and no matter who did it… such acts are strongly censured and reprehensible,” Sleiman said.

Hezbollah: Crime against al-Bouti Transcends All Boundaries of Atrocity

For its part, the Lebanese Hezbollah party expressed condemnation of the terrorist act at al-Iman Mosque which claimed the life of Dr. al-Bouti and tens of religious education students and prayers. The party described the act as “a heinous terrorist crime…that transcends all boundaries of atrocity and amounts to crimes against humanity, religion, morals and Islam.”

Algeria Strongly Condemn the Crime against al-Bouti

Algerian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terrorist bombing which resulted in the martyrdom of scholar Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti in al-Iman mosque, describing it as a heinous crime.

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