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russia foiling unsc condemnation of terrorist bombings in damascus by us unacceptable

Feb 22, 2013

MOSCOW/NEW YORK, (SANA) – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said Russia and China call for preventing military intervention in the crisis in Syria and the situation in Iran.

He criticized the U.S. opposition to a Russian proposal at the UN Security Council to condemn Damascus bombings on Thursday.
“This opposition by our American partners…is not the first time they seek a form that justifies those who are fighting the regime,” said Lavrov.
“What is frustrating is that all member states of the UNSC without exception were until recently inclined towards the position of condemning any attacks whatever the motives,” he added.

Russia’s UN Permanent Mission: Foiling UNSC Condemnation of Terrorist Bombings in Damascus by US Unacceptable
Meanwhile, Russia’s permanent mission to the UN criticized the United States for the failure of the UN Security Council to issue a Russian draft resolution condemning the terrorist bombings in Damascus.

Russia Today quoted Russia’s UN mission as saying in a statement that Russia considers the US stance unacceptable, adding that “It is obvious that by doing so the US delegation encourages those who have been repeatedly targeting American interests, including US diplomatic missions.”

It is not the first time that the US hinders taking an indispensible reaction by the UN Security Council to a terrorist attack, the statement added, pointing out that the Russian side considers such efforts to find justifications for such terrorist practices unacceptable.

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