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Rebranding Al Qaeda – GRAPHIC Footage from Syria

A Belgian Jihadist in the ranks of the FSA, the Free FROM Syrians Army

Lebanese Al-Manar TV channel has come up with an excellent report to warn of the techniques followed by the evil minds in the west on how they rebrand Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to reuse them again.

The crimes committed by the ‘freedom fighting’ groups in Syria and elsewhere are so heinous, so brutal, and so disgusting the English vocabulary fails to find suitable words to describe it, and the worse is that these crimes are committed by orders from western politicians, covered by their mainstream media propagandists, paid for by their citizens and the citizens of the Al Saud farm aka Saudi Arabia and its ‘mini-me’ Qatar, and the worst of all blaming the Syrian Arab Army for these crimes since the westerns do not receive the information published in Arabic only intentionally and after banning Syrian based Syrian affiliated media keeping one narrative all the time.

Following video report contains footage of high GRAPHIC nature, your discretion is advised, but there won’t be any harm if you watch it behind your screen at home thousands of miles away if the Syrian people of all ages are living this horror paid by you face to face in their daily lives:

There’s no difference at all between a ‘freedom fighter’, Alqaeda member, a mercenary terrorist, a Nusra Front member, a Muslim Brotherhood member, a suicide bomber, an anti-Islamic Wahhabi jihadists, a ‘Takfiri’ and a ‘Free Syrian Army’ or now a member of the ‘Islamist Front’ Front, the names do not clean their hands from the crimes they committed against humanity and against the Syrian people in particular.

Kidnapped Syrian MP Mhanna Al-Fayyadh Al-Nasser with his captors

We promise you all who contributed directly or indirectly, overtly and covertly in supporting the terrorists whatever name they took against the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army that the Syrian Curse will follow you and you will pay very dearly, sooner or later.


  1. Boers

    The americans and the wets continue to do distabilise nations especially those who do not support their agenda at the expense of innocent people. Its a shame that these crimes are committed or sponsored by thosewho preach democracy. I feel so sorry about what happened in Afghastan, Iraq, libya. They even tried it in Zimbabwe but it didnt work out. Wish if the Arab world could unite against this Monster! To our African politians, please learn from history, the very whiteman who in the past colonised, enslaved, jailed, killed cannot be trusted. Can he stand today and say he is a good man! Certainly not……

  2. Bleipriester

    Realize that the terrorists are not under control of any secret service. They go their own way. Sad but true. Western medias are not busy to indict those crimes, they are caught in their sudden extremist anti-Assad view. Media consumers don´t agree with all they see and hear and we always have Nay-Results in polls related to current war-campaigns. Germany and Syria for example have had a relative normal relationship and made business.

  3. Danielle

    Reading all this is heartbreaking and watching this footage. We’re are all human beings, we’re killing each other, I don’t care what religion what country, no human has the right to kill, rape and torture another human. Surely people can respect each other religions and differences. No matter what god you believe I don’t think he would approve of the conflict of a nation and the behaviour of armed forces, rebels etc.

  4. christen

    Met de huidige techniek moet het mogelijk zijn om al die sadisten die daar aan het moorden zijn om die aan te pakken of op te pakken.Welk vliegveld ze ook proberen te verschijnen moet het mogelijk zijn om met hulp van computer techniek die sadisten te vonden en in de cel te stoppen.We hebben genoeg beeld matriaal op you tube kunnen technici al die gezichten van die sadisten in beeld krijgen en over de hele wereld te verspreiden dat als ze op een luchthaven komen na deze verschrikkelijke oorlog zullen worden aangehouden en berecht!!En voor mijn part ik ben een christen levenslang de cel in voor het afslachten van onschuldige burgers!Echt voor hun hele leven omdat ze hoofden hebben afgehakt(imbecielen)en mensen ,families hebben uitgemoord en dat allemaal in de naam van satan… satan akbar


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