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real news from syria weapons smuggler turkish weapons funded by saudi arabia and qatar are being smugged to syria

Weapons Smuggler: Turkish Weapons, Funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Are Being Smuggled to Syria (

Nov 10, 2012

ANKARA, (SANA) – Abu Abdo, weapons smuggler who channels weapons and money from Turkey to Syria, said that the government of Development and Justice party (AKP) is playing the major role in facilitating weapons smuggling and opening the borders for terrorists to cross to Syria.
AFP quoted Abu Abdo as saying that “If Turkey tightens the security on the Syrian-Turkish borders, then the ‘repels’ will lose in ten days.”
Abu Abdo added that he has information that confirms that Turkish weapons have been purchased by Saudi and Qatari money as to be smuggled to Syria.
Abu Abdo confessed to smuggling communication devices, vests, weapons and munitions to the so-called ‘free army’, adding that lots of goods, including food, medicine and other basic materials, are being brought to Syria from abroad because of the international sanctions imposed on the county.
M. Nassr/

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