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real news from syria turkish terrorist killed in karm al jabal area in aleppo city

Turkish Terrorist Killed in Karm al-Jabal Area in Aleppo City

A unit of the Armed Forces killed a number of terrorists, among them a Turkish terrorist, while carrying out their duty in cleaning the area of Karm al-Jabal in Aleppo city of the armed terrorist groups.

An official source told SANA reporter that the clash resulted in the killing of scores of terrorists, among them leader Ibrahim al-Ghoush and one of the most dangerous terrorists in the region Ahmad al-Dahleh.

The source pointed out that another unit of the Armed Forces pursued an armed terrorist group in Hajira in al-Sayyeda Zinab in Damascus Countryside which was sabotaging the area.

The operation resulted in the killing of a number of terrorists including non-Syrian persons. Terrorist Jasem al-Khalaf, of Jordanian nationality, was identified among them.

The source said that a unit of the Armed Forces carried out a qualitative operation against gatherings for terrorists in Deir al-Aassafir village in the eastern Ghouta.

A number of terrorists were killed while others were injured in the operation.


A Unit of the Army destroyed a number of cars at Urom al-Kubra village in Aleppo countryside which were transporting terrorists and weapons.

A source in the Province told SANA reporter that the Army targeted a den of terrorists in the surrounding area of the Orient Factory for Glass on al-Asal Khan-al-Atareb road, killing a number of terrorists and injuring many others.


Another Army unit targeted the gatherings of terrorists in al-Atareb, near Ekarda, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their cars laoded with weapons and munitions.

The Army also clashed with terrorists at Kfar Hamra and near al-Shahbaa dam in Mare’e, eliminating several terrorists and destroying their cars.

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