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real news from syria terrorist killed in setting an explosive device in edlib

Seven insurgents of the Free Army militia have been killed during severe clashes (on stolen goods) with another armed group in Khan Sheikhoun city of Edlib.
The armed conflicts resulted in 7 deaths of the insurgents, including the leader Basel Hasan, who is called as al-Mahdi al-Thani.
The reporter pointed out that a terrorist has been killed during planting an explosive charge on Edlib – Areeha road.
In Homs, our correspondent there said that «awkwardly» the city was real calm, as no explosions or gunfire were heard.
In Aleppo, the correspondent of Breaking News Network said that the Syrian Army is continuing its slow move in the last parts of al-Layramoun, where  snipers are situated all around the town.

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