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real news from syria syrian human rights network the us france and britains support to israels terrorism increases its violations

Syrian Human Rights Network: The US, France and Britain’s Support to Israel’s Terrorism Increases Its Violations 

Nov 15, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The Syrian Human Rights Network on Thursday condemned the Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip and Khan Younis which caused the death and injury of a number of civilians including commander Ahmad al-Jaabari and the destruction of many houses.
The Network considered in a statement that this Israeli aggression constitutes a ‘flagrant violation of human rights and the international humanitarian law as well as all the relevant conventions.”
The statement stressed that the double standards policy of the US, France and Britain and the cover they provide to the terrorism practiced by Israel are the reasons behind Israel’s increased arrogance and continuous violations of human rights.
The Network demanded that the human rights organizations and the international community institutions condemn Israel’s aggression on Gaza and the violations which it commits every now and then.
H. Said

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