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real news from syria russian newspaper russia and turkey holding talks to regain the syrian planes cargo seized at ankara airport

Russian Newspaper: Russia and Turkey Holding Talks to Regain the Syrian Plane’s Cargo Seized at Ankara Airport

Oct 30, 2012

MOSCOW, (SANA)- The Russian newspaper Kommersant revealed that Russia and Turkey are holding talks to regain the cargo of the Syrian passenger plane which the Turkish authorities forced to land in Ankara Airport on October 10, subjected to search and confiscated its cargo.
In its issue on Tuesday, the newspaper said it is not unlikely that the cargo will not be regained because the Turkish authorities had refused to give the cargo receipt note to the Syrian plane’s pilot when he asked for it.
Kommersant quoted a Russian military source as saying that the main issue is to restore the cargo “because what happened can only be described as a piracy.”
The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned the Turkish act of piracy against the Syrian passenger plane coming to Damascus from Moscow which took place on October 10 as it was forced to land in Ankara Airport and searched before it was allowed to leave the airport after long hours despite the fact that it was not carrying any type of prohibited goods.
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