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Eleven citizens martyred tens injured in a terrorist bombing in Mazzeh Eighty Six area in Damascus

Eleven Citizens Martyred, Tens Injured in Terrorist Bombing in Mazzeh Eighty-Six Area in Damascus

Nov 05, 2012
PROVINCES, (SANA) _ Terrorist on Monday detonated an explosive device planted under a car in Mazzeh Jabal 86 area in Damascus, killing 11 citizens and injuring tens, including women and children.
A source at al-Muwasat Hospital told SANA that the body received the bodies of 8 martyrs killed in the bombing and 31 injured people who are currently receiving treatment.
A source in Yousef al-Azmeh Hospital said that the hospital received the bodies of 3 martyrs and 24 injured people, most of them critically injured.
SANA’s correspondent who visited the bombing site said the explosion caused significant damage to the area which is heavily populated, and that a large number of cars and shops were destroyed and infrastructure and utilities were also damaged.
Five Martyred, Others Injured in Terrorists’ Mortar Shell Attack Targeting Mini-Bus in al-Yarmouk Camp
Five people were martyred including three children and a woman on Monday when terrorists targeted a mini-bus of public transportation with a mortar shell in Thalathen street (thirty street) in al-Yarmouk Camp, Damascus.


An official source in Damascus Hospital said that bodies of a women and three children were transferred to the hospital in addition to five injured, one of them is in a critical condition, adding that the injured are getting the suitable care.
On the other hand, Palestine Hospital received a martyrs’ body, in addition to five injured people due to the terrorist act.
Two Citizens Martyred, 10 Others Injured in Car Bomb Explosion in al-Ghab Area in Hama
A suicide bomber on Monday detonated a car bomb near the Rural Development Center in al-Ziyara area in al-Ghab, resulting in a number of deaths and injuries and material damages.
An official source said that preliminary information show that two citizens were martyred while 10 others were injured in the terrorist blast.
The source added that the weight of the explosives used in the blast was estimated at around one ton of highly-explosive materials.

Photos of Terrorist Bombing in Mazzeh Jabal 86 in Damascus








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