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real news from syria eleven citizens martyred tens injured as terrorists blow up booby trapped car and two explosives at al worod neighborhood in damascus

Eleven Citizens Martyred, Tens Injured as Terrorists Blow up Booby-Trapped Car and two Explosives at al-Worod Neighborhood in Damascus

Nov 06, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Terrorists blew up a booby-trapped car and two explosives at al-Worod neighborhood in Damascus, claiming the lives of 11 martyrs and injuring tens of the innocents in the area, some of them in critical condition.

A source in al-Muasaa Hospital told SANA that the hospital received 6 bodies of the martyrs and 29 others injured due to the terrorist explosions, most of them children and women.

The source added that some of the injured were in critical condition and they were given the first aid.

A source in Yousef al-Azma Hospital stated it received 5 martyrs in addition to 28 persons injured, their conditions range between middle and critical.

SANA reporter at the site of the explosions declared that the terrorist act led to grave damages in the houses of citizens, destruction of a number of cars, shops’ facades in addition to huge damages in the infrastructure, service, telephone and electric networks.









H. Sabbagh/ Mazen

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