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real news from syria breaking news update november 21 2012


NATO: Turkey officially requested deploying Patriot missiles on borders with Syria

November 21, 2012   9:13 AM

Aleppo: more than 50 gunmen, including Khalid al-Na’eemi, were killed at Ba’eedin roundabout

November 21, 2012   9:12 AM

Gaza: missiles have been fired on Sadot Nigiv settlement

November 21, 2012   7:33 AM

Damascus Countryside: a tunnel used for smuggling weapons discovered in Daria

November 21, 2012   7:16 AM

Edlib Countryside: insurgents have been killed in targeting their positions in Harem

November 21, 2012   7:13 AM

Israeli TV: no explosions occurred in Tal Aviv

November 21, 2012   4:56 AM

Al-Quds TV: a new blast hits in Tal Aviv

November 21, 2012   4:52 AM

Palestine: a bus has been bombed in Tal Aviv, causing deaths and injuries of Israeli settlers

November 21, 2012   4:40 AM

Our correspondent in Edlib: an explosive device blasts on al-Mastouma road, what resulted in 10 martyrs of Syrian soldiers

November 21, 2012   4:37 AM

Our correspondent in Damascus Countryside: a torture location for the insurgents has been found near the Town Center

November 21, 2012   4:17 AM

Our correspondent in Damascus: militants, one of them is Muhammad al-Batal, have been killed in al-Sayyida Zainab area

November 21, 2012   2:27 AM

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