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real news from syria breaking news update monday oct 29 2012

Breaking News Update: Monday, Oct. 29, 2012
– Edlib – Syria: 10 insurgents, including Khlaif Al-Khlaif, has been killed while attacking the military airport of Abu Al-Duhour
– Brahimi: There’s no plan to send peacekeepers to Syria
– Edlib:
The Free army militia fighters commit a massacre against 23 civilians in Tarma district in Harem
– Lavrov: We regret that Genève agreement had not been documented in Security Council
– Our Correspondent in Aleppo: the public committees in Efreen confront an attack by the Free army militia
– Our correspondent to Damascus countryside: a car bomb went off in Rawda Street in Jaramana
– Our reporter in Aleppo: the attack resulted in deaths on both sides
– Our reporter to Jaramana: the explosion resulted in great material damages and some serious injuries
– Our reporter: Jaramana blast claims at least two deaths and a large number of injured people
– The Syrian State TV: the toll of Jaramana blast increased to 10 deaths, including children

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