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Rasmussen: NATO Will Not Interfere in the European Discussion Regarding Arming Syrian Opposition

Mar 18, 2013

BRUSSLES, (SANA) – Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen denied any intention to interfere in the current discussions at the European Union regarding arming “Syrian opposition”.

Italian News Agency (AKI) said that Rasmussen, at a conference held in Brussles, described the discussions about providing weapons to the “Syrian opposition” as a European feature, affirming that NATO mission is confined to defending the security of the member states.

About the rumors of the possibility of deploying peace forces in Syria –turkey border at the request of the opposition, Rasmussen said” in my opinion it is not necessary to deploy peace forces along the boards.”

The governments of the European union rejected a French-British suggestion to lift the ban on providing weapons to Syria.

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