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The Syrian army launched a wide campaign in the Syrian town of Yabroud in Qalamoun as it controlled the village of Jarajeer which borders the Lebanese town of Arsal.

The Syrian Army is preparing also to recapture the area of Rima farms, inflicting heavy losses upon the militants.
The Syrian army continued Thursday its campaign in Qalamoun after it controlled the areas of Rima Farms and Jarajir which borders the Lebanese town of Arsal: Syrian ArmyIMG-20140212-WA0026


The Syrian army also foiled an armed terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from the Lebanese territories into Talkalakh in Homs.

A source told SANA that dozens of terrorists attempted to infiltrate from Lebanon through Azer site into Talkalakh, pointing out that an army unit in cooperation with border guard personnel confronted them and killed many of the terrorists.


The source added that the army unit destroyed machine guns and ammunition the terrorists attempted to transfer into the Syrian territories in a bid to support other terrorists who are exposing fetal blows in al-Zara town by the army.



Moreover, an army unit killed a big number of terrorists in the towns of al-Tah and Arnaba between Hama and Idleb countryside, a military source said.

The source added that some of the killed terrorists are from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq and lebanon .


And recent news stated that the SAA and Hizbollah have made great progress there,adding that no death toll for the Hizbollah

And An unofficial news from isreal stated that:”Military analyst, wrote in the newspaper ” Maariv ” Israeli Mossad gave an urgent report two days ago  to the Israeli government . This report speaks about the need to take military action against Hezbollahif he  succeeded in the case of the latter dropping Yabrood . According to the  newspaper  Yabrood fortifications  is greater than  any city in the Middle East and does outweight(greater)than  the fortifications of most Israeli cities . Thus In the case of income referred to Hezbollah , it will be more than ready to enter into any Israeli city in the future . It also confirmed intelligence that Hezbollah did not bring to  Yabrood  the finest fighters but on the contrary , it used in the fight  ordinary members . So it was considered that the Mossad considers  Yabrood as the last test for Hezbollah and beyond should be a war to destroy the party and cripple its capabilities Otherwise , Israel is in real danger . The newspaper also confirmed that Nasrallah made ​​the decision to clean up the area for several reasons, including geopolitical reasons as the theme of extracting oil from Lebanon . The newspaper concluded the need to follow up Nasrallah’s speech Sunday, he will be hinged . He also stressed that if the Mossad has not been able to hit Hezbollah , then God alone can eliminate that organization.

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  1. kiran

    this ongoing civil war started from 2011 so called (Arab Spring).destroying almost every future of the syrian children.They are the building blocks of this nation. This ongoing war have shattered the dreams of every children and the hope of their parents.There are no hope.these terrorists hired from different countries and fighting for their own benefits or apply their law are very dangerous and these peoples are not actually fighting to help rebels but to destroy the syrian and kill the hope of millions of millions children.So, they should be avoided from all sides and these rebellions should come to the table talk. But there are no solutions if pr.Basar Al Ashad is ousted.


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