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President Assad Postpones Parliament Elections until 19 July

Legislative Decree General Amnesty Syria - President Assad

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad issued a decree postponing the elections for the People’s Assembly – the Syrian Parliament until 19 July 2020 in line with the state’s extraordinary preventive measures in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the second time the elections are postponed, the first presidential decree on 14 March postponed the parliament’s elections scheduled for 13 April until 20 May.

Contrary to the fake propaganda in the western mainstream media, the usual liars and warmongers, Syria’s elections were always held on time, even during the most difficult war times, and the parliament’s elections in particular witness wide participation from all walks of life, the elected representatives enjoy highest levels of immunity which can only be withdrawn in a majority vote by their own peers in the parliament and this was in rare cases.

The 250 members-Syrian People’s Assembly oversees the conduct of the government and the executive authorities, introduces new legislation, and contributes largely to the social and political life in Syria in addition to the economic initiatives.

Worth noting that key allies of the USA financing the US intervention to push for ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in Syria are among the world’s most retard political regimes with no elections at all and no constitution like Saudi Arabia and Qatar yet the US officials have the audacity of criminally pushing for democracy in Syria and to change the constitution at the hands of foreign al-Qaeda terrorists while seeing no need to at least ‘advise’ their key allies on listening to their people and drafting any form of constitution.

Syrian People's Assembly - Parliament
Syrian People’s Assembly – Parliament

Only losers with large ambitions and with no real electoral base and no projects that appeal to the public keep complaining about oppression and take to foreign media their failure. These losers find all the support western media needs to fuel their hatred against independent countries around the world, those in control of the Pentagon and the US foreign direct investments in destabilizing peace and security around the world feed on these losers to push for their regime change policies fooling both the US taxpayers footing these humungous war bills and the people of the targeted countries.

Ordinary Syrians, like yours truly, often complain about the massive election campaigns filling the streets with banners, pictures of the election candidates, and pieces of their work plans if they get elected. Many sectors benefit from the elections campaigns and those include mainly advertising and media companies, printing houses, television and radio channels, magazines and newspapers, catering service providers, and even charity houses where some of the candidates try to show off how much they are helpful to their communities. Syrians call the elections season ‘the election wedding’.

Side of previous Syrian parliament elections campaign
Side of previous Syrian parliament elections campaign

The complaints against the current conduct of the government are growing, the government is trying its best to cope-up with the longevity of the US-led War of Terror against the country, the increased draconian sanctions, and blockade imposed by the USA and all its stooges against the Syrian people, and direct occupation by NATO and Israel of large parts of the Syrian territories hindering all efforts to revive the Syrian economy. All these excuses are not accepted anymore by the public with the growing complaints and the coming People’s Assembly elections will be followed by the forming of a new government the Syrian people have high hopes it will come up with out of the box solutions to the current issues.

Please join the author in wishing the Syrian people all good and all prosperity, they do deserve all the best after those long years of suffering inflicted on them mainly by you, the western reader of this post and your governments’ colonial and evil policies, against you and against the Syrian people. Pray that God will forgive your governments’ wrongdoings and that the Syria people will finally defeat the terrorists and their sponsors on the Syrian land and be able to resume their social, political, and productive lives in peace.

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