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President Assad Issues a New General Amnesty – Idlib Military Operation

Legislative Decree General Amnesty Syria - President Assad

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad issued a legislative decree for granting new general amnesty on crimes committed before the date of the decree.

The new legislative decree carries number 20 for 2019 covers the crimes against the state before 14 September 2019 and does not cover the crimes against the people, who maintain the right to sue the criminals for crimes committed against them individually.

This decree, as all previous amnesty decrees, is meant to encourage criminals and terrorists of Syrian citizenship to repent, stop their crimes, and return to their normal lives after their statuses are settled accordingly.

One of the articles stipulates that the full punishment is dropped for a kidnapper if he would free the kidnapped safely without any return and hand the kidnapped to the nearest law enforcement agency within one month of this decree’s effective date. This is to ensure the safety of the kidnapped and prioritize it over the need for punishment, saving lives is a priority over punishing the criminals.

Other articles have reduced the punishment for those covered in this general amnesty as follows:

  • Death penalty to lifetime prison
  • Lifetime penalty with hard labor to 20 years of prison with hard labor
  • Lifetime penalty to 20 years prison penalty (without hard labor)

Customs law violators will have their prison sentences dropped if they would pay the fees and settle their cases with Customs HQ, however, this does not cover drugs traffickers and weapons smugglers. Syria has very tough anti-drugs policies which include the capital punishment for drug traffickers which has been effective prior to the current US-led war of terror on the country to almost completely eliminate drug-producing and trafficking in the country and to disgrace those involved.

Unfortunately, the CIA finance department has taken advantage of the activities of the CIA’s terror spreading department in Syria to lure many terrorists in drug-producing and trafficking in areas under their control, especially in areas bordering Lebanon, one of the world’s highest producers of Hashish and Captagon hallucinating pills, Turkey, one of the regional hub for all sorts of organized crimes including drugs international distribution, and Jordan with its open desert borders with Saudi, one of the highest consumers of drugs in the world.

The CIA’s finance department uses the revenues from its drugs illicit business to finance the CIA’s covert and overt terror spreading and enabling operations worldwide.

Other articles of this amnesty cover all the punishment for minor crimes and fines, one third of imprisonments, the full imprisonments for AWOL’s (Absence without leave for military servicemen) which includes who escapes the compulsory military service completely inside the country and abroad if they would return themselves in within 3 months for those inside the country and 6 months for those outside the country from the date this decree is effective, and other punishments.

Details of the full articles of the decree, its enforcement, and exceptions, are mentioned on SANA’s website in Arabic.

General Amnesty decrees in Syria usually precede major military operations to allow the terrorists and criminals to drop their weapons and avoid further killing and them getting killed by the Syrian Armed Forces in cleaning new areas.

The Syrian state has opened for the past 4 days a safe corridor in areas under its control for the residents of Abu Al-Dhohour in Idlib southeastern countryside, manned the checkpoint with buses to transport the residents fleeing terrorists’ occupied town, medical staff, and ambulances, and food packages. Turkey’s sponsored terrorists occupying the town have not allowed a single citizen to flee for safety.

Taking in consideration the timing of the General Amnesty Decree and this passage, the Syrian Arab Army seems to be preparing to resume its military operation to clean more towns in NATO’s last stronghold in the province of Idlib run by Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant – HTS…) and its affiliates, starting with Abu Dhuhur (Abu Al-Dhohour) town.

Syrian state prepared safe corridor for residents of abu Adh Dhuhur in Idlib Countryside
Rescue staff waiting for civilians who can flee the Nusra Front occupied Abu Ad Dhuhur in Idlib Countryside

Watch yesterday’s Syrian Ikhabariya News Channel report (in Arabic for an idea) about the arrangements done by the Syrian state for handling the residents who can flee Nusra Front in Abu Ad Dhuhur town:

Erdogan’s most loyal Nusra Front terrorists keep the civilians captive under their control to use them as human shields when facing the Syrian Arab Army and allies.

SAA has ceased all military operations in the area honoring an agreement reached, for the umpteen time, between Russia’s President Putin and Turkish regime pariah Erdogan. We anticipate the military operation to resume as soon as the meeting between the leaders of Russia and Iran and the pariah of Turkey fails in swaying the latter to drop support of Al-Qaeda in Syria’s Idlib province, or in the event terrorists loyal to Erdogan would carry out any provocation from now until then.

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