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Payback: The EU, Imperialism, Turkey and the Refugees.


I. Dealing with the devil – but who of them is the devil?

After Brussels already had been sending warships to the Mediterranian Sea to stop and sink the tiny boats stuffed with refugees and migrants, heading to Europe, the EU finalised her poject to keep refugees and migrants away from EU-territory. Or, at least, the EU-heartland, meaning Germany and her marginalised neighbors. The EU wants to get rid of refugees the EU itself created by her wars and plunder-policy in Africa and the Middle East. Under the rule of Mrs. Merkel, chancellor of Germany, the EU arranged a “deal” with Turkey. This “deal” aims to stop the refugees flooding from Turkey into Greece and, by that, into the EU. Turkey promised it will now take back every single refugee who manages (by what ever risk he took) to get into Greece. Greece In return, the EU will allow 78.000 syrian refugees to enter EU and ask for asylum. All others, including refugees fleeing the terror of DAESH (ISIS) in war-torn Iraq, as well as refugees from Afghanistan (suffering from a US-EU-made war since 15 years) and migrants from Pakistan, Yemen, … won’t be accepted. Also the EU donates EURO 6 bn to Turkey (for caring for the refugees, the hillarious offical propganda stated) and will lift the visa-regulations for turkish citizens travelling into the EU. Additionally the EU will now also restart the negotiations on turkish EU-membership.

The EU is pampering that turkish state who kills his own citizens by cold blood, bombs residential areas and whole cities to rubble, eliminates civil rights, jails journalists, takes over newspapers, censors freedom of expression and terrorizes the neighboring nations Syria and Iraq. The EU is feeding that Turkey which’s president is stealing oil, artefacts and whole plants from Syria and Iraq, dealing with the scum of the earth: the US-created “DAESH”, various other terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda and the kurdish Barzani-clan in Iraq.

With this “deal”, the EU finally put away her disguise of “human-rights”, “democracy” and “rule of law” which it used as a facade when bombing other nations, like Libya, Syria, Mali, to deliver “european values” to the graveyards. Whoever was still believing the propaganda from Brussels, stating the EU was an “union of values”, now has a fresh morning call to reality: The EU is not at all caring for human rights, the EU is only caring for the interests and profits of the tiny group of maximum-rich profiteers and globalised companies who are running the EU (as well as they run the USA). The EU is now attempting to cope with the challenges she itself created by imposing wars, devastation, poverty, unemployment, famine on whole regions of this earth by building even higher fences, instead of stopping the wars, which are at first the reasons for refugees and migration.


II. Who cares?

This EU-Turkey-arangement is being named a “deal” by those who made it because they know it is illegal. This “deal” violates the Geneva Convention, the UN-Charta and the german law on granting asylum. This deal is splendid in further brutalizing the way states and international organisations deal with civilians they do not want. Even the United Nations (UN), known best for being unengaged, did critizise the EU-Turkey “deal”. Of course, this does not mean much, it does not mean anything at all: The UN did critizise that genocidal terror-state “Israel” for decades and look how far the fascist zionists have come by now, with NO sanctions, NO war, NO proper response to the genocide on the palestinian people. We have to regard the UN as what the UN is: a willing tool of western imperialism.
All the statements made by UN and NGO’s will not affect the “deal” and it will not prevent the turkish state to further create and support terrorist groups for fighting in Syria. It will not stop Turkey from exploiting the refugees, and it will not stop Turkey from abusiing the refugees as a tool for blackmailing the EU.

Of course, this “deal” will never prevent refugees from fleeing their nations which are being exploited by greedy companies or being imposed to wars by NATO, EU, to get the ressources. This “deal” is nothing more than the declaration of surrender. Those “european values” we are always told would lead the politics in Brussels, are thrown to the dustbin for securing the rule of the elites, prolonging the exploitation of ressources and manpower, enhancing the profits of the globalised companies who care nothing for people and their lives. Whoever watched the TV-reports from Idomeni, the greek refugee-concentration-camp, watching refugees sitting in dirt and being exposed to rain, with some cheap tiny plastic tents put up, realised that the EU is a cold-hearted monster.


III. Cause and Effect

The EU is now facing the backfire of her own greed-driven brutal neocolonial imperialism. This, infact, is a result the EU itself made possible by all her interference and unequal trade relations (with Africa, for instance), with all the exploitation of nations, with the wars aimed to steal the national ressources of countries unable to properly protect themselves against the western war machinery. Just think of Mali where – since 3 years! – France and Germany, joined by some african vassals, are bombing the native Touareg population and help the black racist government in the south to regain control over the north, where – surprise, surprise! – all the ressources are which France and Germany need for their industries: Gold, Uranium and others. Of course it is brought to us as “war on terror”… But who is the terrorist: Al-Qaeda in Mali which is a franchise company of that global al-Qaeda network created by the CIA and Z. Brezinsky, security advisor of the US-president Carter, or ISIS / DAESH, that US-puppet founded by the head of staff of the US army in Iraq, General Petraeus, or we, the profiteers of constant wars and plunder?
Are we Europeans really that stupid to think that we can go on with our neocolonial wars and will forever get away with it? Are we really that blind not to realise that everything we do wil cause an effect? And are we really that arrogant to believe that the effects of our ugly deeds will never backfire on us? Well, then, it has become time to wake up and face the reality: cause and effects will have an impact on us, the ones who lived well for decades by plundering, stealing, conquering and killing.


IV. Lesson learned and Lessons still to be learned

Turkey now only took (and will furtheron take) her chance to gain profit from a situation she helped to create. Turkey shows us she has learned the lesson, and now she turns the knowledge gained by copying us against us on us, the very inventers of colonialism and colonial wars. Shall we blame Ankara for just using her chance? Didn’t we teach them this? And is Turkey not just greatly a reflection the internal policies of oppression which the EU is about to install, imposing Fascism on the lives of 500 mil. people?

The EU-Turkey-“deal” is just one lesson more to learn that the elites running us are anti-human reptiles. We, the peoples of the EU-member states, should finally learn the lessons given to us. We should accept the fact that we are run by criminals, sociopaths, genocidal, warmongering monsters, who do care least for humanity, human values, international law, but most for profits. This lesson has to be learned, and the result only can be that either we stand up and get rid of these monsters, or we will face total oppression.

If we refuse to take the responsibility, if we fail to bring this monster down, the result, at least, would bring us to that level of living conditions we had been imposing on millions of people in Africa and the Middle East for decades. Maybe, this new cognition then will blow our arrogance…

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  1. Jonathan Yerow

    Involvement in the Middle East has cost western nations blood and treasure. Occupation by western military personnel reduced violence; but we promised to leave if not invited by local government to stay. Once western troops were gone,centuries old religious conflict started a civil war. Mass migration is the direct result of brutal and immoral behavior by Sunni extremists. Our main mistake was to think citizens of Iraq would deal fairly with each other, and act humanly. We were wrong DAESH uses murder, genocide, rape, theft, and threats to control people. This behavior is not how western democracies live or what we support, it is a product of your way of life and belief. It is the product of terrorism; take ownership of it; it is the dark side of Islam.

  2. Stefan Heuer

    I feel honoured my article made you step in this very far. So let us debate your “arguments”…
    First of all – What is the lives of some mercenaries killed by resistance in the Middle East, compared to the millions of innocents we slaugthered? A western NATO-thug eventually can decide wether or not to go to the Middle East (ME) and slaughter women and children for the sake of western profits, the people there cannot chose but have to defend themselves, their families, homes and nations against us, the actual new crusaders. If a thug, killing innocents for western profits, gets killed, you cry for him, and then the very next moment you blame Islam, the religion that s been under attack by the western imperialist entities for more than 3 decades, for the deeds of your thugs? Really, tha makes you look quite stupid.

    The terorists – are they really what you state they were?
    And who created all the gangsters and used them as mercenaries, as proxies, as discount-armies on the ground? Wasn’t this the UK, France, Germany, USA, with the help of the western lackeys KSA and Turkey? No? What bout the tons of evidence, especially the statements by those who were in charge? Infact, who made the Muslim Brotherhood, the al-Qaida, Daesh (ISIS), Jaysh al Islam and all the rotten gangs of thugs? The MB was created by the british secret service in the 1920ies, alQaeda by the USA (Z. Brezinsky even today can openly admit he did it with his “personal friend” O. Bin laden) i 1980 to combat the soviets in Afghanistan, and DAESH / ISIS (General Petraeus proudly state din late 2015 he made ISIS). Before the USA and UK attacked, invaded, occupied and destroyed Iraq in 2003, there had been NO alQaeda (aka CIA) in Iraq, neither in Syria, but after the USA took over Iraq, their thugs appeared there and started to do the job they were told to do. And soon alQaeda advanced as the most powerful force, most capable to perform what they were designed to perform, and, by this, gave the perfect excuse for the western terroristic nations topush their Iraq “engagement”, aka occupation and sucking of ressources. And since 2005, the syrian special forces had to care about alQaeda (aka CIA) sneaking into Syria from Iraq. This is all a product of western imperialism, western meddling into arab issues and western grab of power, land, ressources. the sunni-shia-conflict never was a problem in secular Syria which the west is attempting to destroy for the sake of “Israel” (Clinton openly stated this in her eMails). And, just one thing you maybe should start taking into consideration, if it does not interfere too much with your hillarious zionist lies: If these were extremist sunnis, why do they never attack the nazi settler entity of “Israel”? Why do they kill Arabs, sunni muslims, Palestinins fleeing from the genocode performed by the zionist nazis, instead???? Does this not make you start to thinnk? Infact, all your frankensteins are “haram” – unislamic, by thei deeds, which serve only “Israel” and the western imperialists. If they really were Msulism, and islmic, i some wa, would’t they take pride in PROTECTING and LIBERATING Muslims against the western aggression? Would they not proudly attack that fake entity occupying Palestine? Really, you should either get literated, before you spread stupid stuff poisoned by the propganda of Hasbara – or just declare yourself a zionist nazi thug. The decision is yours.

  3. dudesckyi

    Stefan, you are calling the “west” crusaders.
    I believe you are only partly correct with that assumption.
    This new “crusade” isn’t about Christianity trying to get the Islam into submission.
    It is about trying to get Muslim countries to the same wealthy livelihood as the “west”.
    In the west the thought occurred that people around the world can only be happy if they live under the same kind of rulership as the western countries are. So the west started dictating and pushing upon Muslims some kind of democracy, forgetting that their own democracy has only been reached in the last 60 years, after 2 great wars and dozens of smaller ones.
    Sometimes the best way of ruling is a dictatorship. So ok you cannot say anything you want, can get imprisoned for nothing and people end up missing everyday.
    However, as it seems, this looks like the only way Muslim countries can be handled, for it seems to me, most Muslims hate each other, other faiths, other sexes ( men hate women and vice versa) and their own lives (that would explain all the suicide bombers).


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