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Netanyahu Unleashes Herds of Israeli Terrorists against the Palestinians

Israel Jewish terrorist settlers lynch Palestinians in Palestine

Netanyahu, the embattled war criminal the Prime Minister of so-called Israel and the person in control of all the western regimes, has unleashed thousands of armed radical Israeli terrorists against the unarmed Palestinians in the cities occupied in 1948.

The war criminal Netanyahu by this sets the stage for a repeat of the massacres committed by his predecessors to establish their ‘Jewish Apartheid State’ the likes of Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon, and other ethnic cleansing massacres against the Palestinians that stain the European history since the early years of last century in Palestine. The Israeli terrorists are trying to wipe out the Palestinian people completely from the face of the planet so they can get over this chapter and focus on other people and steal their land.

Homes have been raided in Haifa, Al-Lod, and other cities in the Palestinian lands occupied by the Jewish European terrorists in the years leading to the 1948 declaration of their cancerous state. The Jewish Rabi of the occupied city of Safad literally called on slaughtering the Palestinians, these calls do not come from religious people, these are heads of terrorist groups in fake religious clothes.

The following video contains GRAPHIC footage, viewers discretion is highly advised:

The video is also on BitChute.

Activists are reporting several civilians already killed in these cities, several others brutally beaten by the Israeli settler terrorists who are guarded and protected by the Israeli IDF and so-called ‘police’ who in turn imposed a curfew on the Palestinians only.

Israeli settlers all serve in the ranks of the IDF terrorist organization and remain in reserves with their full automatic and individual weapons until they die, just in case westerns think these are civilian citizens of Israel. The IDF itself, the army of Israel is basically the combination of terrorist groups like Haganah, Stern, Lehy, and Irgun listed as terrorist groups since the days of the British occupation of Palestine, the leaders of these terrorist groups who also many of them turned out on Wanted lists by the British became later the ‘celebrated prime ministers and presidents of the so-called Israel’

Israeli settlers are able to commit their massacres against the people of the Levant in general and especially the genocide against the Palestinians because of the unlimited support they receive from western governments who follow the Evangelical Mega-Church which followers are systematically brainwashed to believe they need to serve the Antichrist to speed-up the return of Jesus Christ! Serving Satan to fulfill God’s promise makes them only servants of Satan and will be joining him in eternity, whoever told them otherwise has successfully turned them into soldiers of the Antichrist.

This author has been in discussions with many followers of this fake church built with funds raised by politicians and not by religious people, and I’ve been personally shocked how would they believe they can serve Satan thinking they’re serving God, the amount of stupidity among the ones we’ve debated is overwhelming.

There’s a massive blackout by the Israelis to suppress the information about these latest war crimes although leaked footage is beyond horrific. These are not ‘clashes’, this is GENOCIDE.

Netanyahu, after losing 5 consecutive elections he keeps repeating hoping to get a majority to avoid going to prison over charges of corruption, is trying to instigate a streets war and an escalated destruction of Gaza and the displacement of the residents of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) to remain in an emergency cabinet and prevent a vote of confidence for other war criminals.

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  1. King Von

    This weekend is the celebration of Judgement Day; I wonder if any uninvited guests will show up and make it just that.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Netanyahu opened the can of worms and let all the pests out, now he has to deal with the repercussions of this and all other crimes, he just awoke the identity issues the Palestinians in the cities occupied before 1948 face on a daily basis.

  3. Jimmy Hollander

    you forgot to mention the 1,000+ unsolicited rockets from Gaza upon innocent citizens…. can you image why these people like to hit upon Palestinians, who are so full of hatred that they will not negotiate at all???

  4. Huda Hajjar

    So the unarmed civilians should be bombed and besieged and lynched and evicted from their homes without resistance? Hope some foreign armed radical settlers come to your neighborhood soon so you can demonstrate to us how to react when that happens..

  5. dontgetfooledagain

    Do Melbourne pro-Palestine protesters think the Palestinian resistance can triumph whilst US forces and their terrorist proxies rampage through neighbouring Syria and Iraq?

    Can Palestine be liberated while the US illegally occupies Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq? Apparently Melbourne’s pro-Palestine movement thinks Palestine can be liberated while Syria has much of its territory illegally occupied and US troops who also illegally occupy Iraq and Afghanistan.

    At the Palestine protest, I also found it curious that no mention was made at all about Syria and all the other conflicts going on in the Middle East, right next door to Palestine. There’s a terrible war going on in Syria, right at this moment, and I felt it striking that not a word was said about this.

    • Arabi Souri

      The war against Syria is because of its position toward Palestine, nothing else. Syria received many offers from the USA and EU and the Gulfies to drop support for Palestine and can even get the Golan back much sooner, because Syria refused they waged a war against its people.

  6. dontgetfooledagain

    The rocket attacks by Hamas were in solidarity for the Palestinians in the West Bank who were attacked in the al Aqsa mosque and are being beaten up and shot by the Israeli soldiers and other Israeli thugs whilst their land is being stolen from them. Hamas and other inhabitants of Gaza are paying a heavy price for their selfless support for fellow Palestinians.


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