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negotiation round israel palestine

U.S. Secretary of Kerry meets the Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat / U.S. Department of State / public domain

Israel again resumes the “talks” with the Palestinian administration.

These persistent negotiations were discontinued in the past, also because of the Israeli raid on the “Gaza Flotilla” 2010 and due to the “observer status” of Palestine at the United Nations (UN) since 2012.

Nevertheless, the Israelis let themselves in for a new round of negotiations. Well, what has compelled them to do so this time? Certainly a variety of factors, and among them the currently most important factor as it seems, and this is certainly the valediction by Qatar from the current Middle East policy.

The “battle for the liberation of Palestine”, which has still been a noble idea just 20 years ago, has long been a kind of trademark. A kind of label that is used by those as a walking advertisement who have the intention to preferably earn something by using it.

The idealists already disappear yet for reasons of age, and their position is taken by cynical speculators. The transaction of the walking advertisement “Hamas” to Qatar, which took place in the last year, has exactly followed this pattern: Emir Hamad simply proved as the highest bidder.

Therefore, Hamas has immediately shown concerns about the “bloody Assad regime” and the lack of freedoms in Syria. The instructors, fighters, and the weapons of the organization found themselves on the side of the rebels, while Hamas emissaries have begun with the recruitment of their tribesmen for the “holy war” in the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria.

Only the colleagues of Hezbollah and the Syrian army have put an end to this busyness by their success in smashing the huge and semi-criminal as well as semi-political “Farouq Brigades” (Arabic: كتائب الفاروق‎) in al-Qusayr (Arabic: القصير‎).

The new emir of Qatar, Tamim, began his reign with the closure of his father’s project, the financially aid for the Muslim Brotherhood and Co. in the region. Therefore, the revolution in Egypt, the offensive by the Zidan government against the Islamists in Libya, and the unrest in Tunisia.

Hamas as one of the Muslim Brotherhood-related organizations orphaned and had no longer any idea what they shall do now. In such a situation, Hamas would let themselves carried away to dances of joy in the case that somebody offers a financing to them, of course. And it seems that there has been such an offer – by Iran.

A few days ago, representatives of Hamas met with members from Hezbollah as well as with Iranian diplomats in the Iranian embassy in Beirut. Iran had never completely stopped the contacts with Hamas, but they have frozen the contacts respectively the funding in many parts since Hamas had defected to the camp of opponents of Assad. Iran is doing exactly what it needs to do: to fetch home the “prodigal daughter”, who had gone with a stranger.

U.S. Secretary of Kerry meets the Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat / U.S. Department of State / public domain
U.S. Secretary of Kerry meets the Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat / U.S. Department of State / public domain

Israel, for its part, is carefully observing the manoeuvres of its strategic enemy, reacts, and “negotiates” again with the Palestinian Authority, which is – at least in the West Bank – virtually still an opponent of Hamas. Israel cannot and does not want to offer anything substantial, but it feels obligated to keep the situation under control and they will do anything to prevent (under any circumstances) that Iran is able to tilt the current status quo.

"Free Palestine": a trademark.
“Free Palestine”: a trademark.

In a near future, we will probably also become witnesses of the situation that Israel supports the Egyptian junta in one way or another, if one takes into consideration that the Egyptian generals have a rather hostile stand towards Hamas, because they are the “natural ally” of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

All in all, nothing unusual. The “liberation of Palestine” is not coming an inch closer by these exercises, but nobody is basically really interested in the “liberation of Palestine”. All are busy with the building up their configurations and this is a never-ending and therefore also possessive employment.

Source: neopresse

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