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NATO Terrorists Kill Civilian, Injure Others in Shelling in Raqqa and Aleppo

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NATO terrorists shelled a number of towns and the M4 highway directly aiming at the civilians and their homes in coordination with the two Israeli bombings in the past 2 days which targeted Aleppo’s southeastern countryside and Homs southwestern countryside over the past 2 days.

The terrorists shelled with heavy weapons the M4 Highway north of the city of Raqqa killing at least one civilian and injuring 3 others, the M4 Highway stretching from Syria’s eastern borders with Iraq with the Syrian coast in the west is supposed to be safe for the use of civilians as per the Idlib agreements between Russia and Turkey which the head of the Turkish regime the madman Erdogan obliged to commit to but never did.

Joint Russian and Turkish military police units are patrolling the highway to observe the implementation of the agreements of early March 2020. Obviously, Turkey, the top NATO member state cannot be trusted when it comes to international agreements.

Earlier today, the terrorists sponsored by NATO member state Turkey further to the north in the northern Aleppo countryside shelled indiscriminately a number of villages and towns in liberated areas inflicting material damage in the houses of the Syrians.

The terrorists shelled the towns of Der Jamal, Soughatikah, Ibbin, Aqibah, and Maraanaz in the Aleppo northern countryside causing material damage in the houses of the Syrians in those towns.

Local sources reported that the Turkish army illegally deployed in Syria along with its sponsored terrorist groups fired 5 missiles from their posts in the village of Tokhar Saghir toward the liberated village of Tokhar Kabir in the area of Manbij in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo, the missiles shelling inflicted material damage in the houses of the Syrians in the village.

We reported the shelling of the city of Nubbul in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo by the NATO-sponsored terrorists on Tuesday 20 July murdering a woman and injuring a young girl.

These escalation by Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists are in coordination with the Israeli escalations in the past two days bombing first Al Safirah area in the southeastern countryside of Aleppo late night Monday 19 July, followed by another bombing in the early hours of today bombing the outskirts of Qusayr in the Homs southwestern countryside from the Lebanese air space.

These crimes against the Syrian people are carried out by the terrorists and their sponsors during the holidays of Islam’s holiest Eid Al-Adha, that’s another evidence of the fake claims by these terrorists that they fight for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, what they’re really fighting for is the US project dubbed ‘Greater Middle East’, aka ‘Greater Israel’ with a number of anti-Islamic enclaves that follow the NATO Zionist doctrine.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    There was no doubt among us Syrians that these Al Qaeda terrorists work for NATO which works for Israel in our region, their first attacks were against the Syrian air defense units claiming these technical units of 4 to 5 technicians with their eyes constantly looking at the skies were ‘oppressing them’! And since the first day of the US war on Syria, every day these Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other names of terrorists prove they only work for NATO and Israel. The Turkish Erdogan is just a small NATO and Zionist tool.


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