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NATO Terrorists in New Round of Bombing Syrian Civilians: Two Murdered

Syria 's child tests a smart prosthetic. [Archive].

Nato terrorists have launched new rounds of deadly atrocities against Syrian civilians, on 12 January. As always, NATO stenography journalists have their gaze averted.

Turkish occupation mercenaries are on a ground-to-ground bombing binge to destroy homes and try to assassinate more civilians. Today the NATO Turkish gang of the criminally insane targeted homes in the Um al Keif village in the Tal Tamer area of Hasaka countryside.

As the Syrian Arab Army is is the region, the al Qaeda and other merc militias under the military of Turkey’s occupation forces did not engage their standard dragging of persons from their homes, instead choosing to bomb the homes instead of appropriating them. The SAA destroyed several launching pads of the human garbage, fully weaponized by NATO countries.

white-helmets-organ-traders nato terrorists
The original photo was taken by terrorists that stole a schoolyard in Homs, in 2013.

Another explosion from a landmine left behind by NATO terrorists injured two persons on al Sikah Road in the al Nashabiya neighborhood of Eastern Ghouta, Damascus countryside. Discarded and hidden NATO terrorist landmines are a collective atrocity.

To date, the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has done little to clean up these wretched explosives in the SAR, beyond tongue-clicking and taking census on death and dismemberment so meticulous as to be compared with the biblical Book of Numbers.

NATO terrorists have fired multiple rockets into five residential neighborhoods in Aleppo City — Masaken al-Sabeel, Tishreen Street, al-Shahbaa al-Jadideh, al-Khaldiyeh and al-Nile Street — murdering two, wounding three, two of whom are children. These Syrians will be ignored, as NATO stenographers will be in a frenzy over rockets fired into a US base in Iraq, where four were injured.

Today’s atrocities against Syria, funded by the US taxpayer, followed yesterday’s rocket bombings into “the vicinity of Aleppo International Airport, al-Nairab Military Airport, houses and vital facilities in Aleppo western countryside and the village of Minyan causing material damage.”

Miri Wood


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  1. TheTruth

    At some point, President Assad and/or the Syrian military must bear some responsibility for supinely letting Erdoğan, Putin, and Netanyahu jointly dictate the “rules of engagement” Idlib. It is hard to respect the Syrian Government for agreeing to one Turkish-Russian-Israeli “ceasefire” after another, knowing that the “ceasefires” blatantly favour and are intended to protect Western-backed Wahhabi-Salafi terrorists. Literally, the Syrian Government ceases its advances almost at the very moment Turkey, Russia, and Israel declare the latest “ceasefire.” By agreeing to the “ceasefires,” the Syrian Government is tacitly surrendering its sovereignty and mission to the imperialists and their lackeys, including Syria’s false Russian “partners,” who are clearly working hand in hand with Erdoğan in Libya as well as Syria.

  2. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Hey Miri,

    You are again about poor American taxpayer.
    1. American taxpayer is always benefitting from any imperial war. This is the reason they always voting for war making presidential candidates and never for doves.
    2. American imperial wars financed by Judaic financial cabal. USA financial system belong to small group of men of Judaic origin, but not to the US government. All of the world money belong to those powerful men. Since they are issuing money, their capacities of financing wars have almost no boundaries.
    3. On another hand global powerful financiers just an agents or wealth managers are taken their orders from Judaic front organization B’nai B’rith (headquarters in New-York). B’nai B’rith organization functioning as global Kahal and actually a Jew’s masonic league. This organization under direct command of The Great Sanhedrin located in Israel, actually a group of most influential Rabbis. This group of Rabies thru their agents holds entire world in their hands. Those Rabies comprise the old Pharisee’s sect – a satanic cult, they are warship satan and take orders directly from this dark world ruler.

  3. Freespirit

    We Irish knew that “ALL is fair in love and War” so if the Muslims and Arabs want their Lives,Liberties and Properties, you ALL, including Iran and Iraq better remember that saying and FIGHT accordingly.

    If you don’t the ZIONISTS will win because they fight, according to “WAR by DECEPTION”. Integrity DOES NOT win wars, Deception does.There is no longer ANY HONOUR in War. Honour is ony for the LOSER.

    Can you afford to lose?

    We Irish finally realized that TRUTH, and THAT is when we began to beat the INVADER British by using GUERRILLA Warfare tactics.


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