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NATO Forces Bomb Villages and Kidnap Civilians in Northern Syria

NATO Turkish occupation forces in northern Syria

NATO assorted and affiliated forces continue their war crimes against the Syrian people across the northern Syrian provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah, bombing, kidnapping, land grab, looting, and direct killing and displacing of the landowners to replace them with radical terrorists loyal to the NATO regional project dubbed the Greater Israel Project.

In the above context, both the Turkish army and its affiliated Al Qaeda terrorists and the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists continue their assault on villages in the Hasakah northern countryside and in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, local sources confirmed to the Syrian Ikhbariya news channel whose following report details these crimes amounting to genocide:

The video is also available on YouTube, BitCute, Rumble, and Odysee


Local sources told Al-Ikhbariya that twenty cars belonging to the SDF carrying heavily armed gunmen stormed the city of Al-Shafa in the Al-Bukamal area in the countryside of Deir Ezzor amid firing bursts of machine guns. The gunmen kidnapped two people after beating them and took them handcuffed to one of their nearby headquarters.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from the terrorist organizations renewed their attacks with heavy artillery and rocket-propelled grenades on several villages in the northwestern countryside of Al-Hasakah Governorate.

Local sources confirmed that the Turkish occupation and terrorist groups affiliated with it bombed the homes and properties of citizens in the vicinity of the villages of Dada Abdal and Nuwaihat, north of the town of Abu Rasin in the northern countryside, which led to material losses in public and private properties.

The sources pointed out that the missiles launched by warplanes of the Turkish occupation from far away fell in conjunction with the artillery shelling in the vicinity of the mentioned villages, without knowing the losses.

For its part, the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent a letter to both the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council regarding the aggressiveness and dangerous statements made by Turkish officials regarding the establishment of a so-called “safe zone” inside Syrian territory in the north, describing these illusions as colonial aggression.

Syria also condemned the Turkish regime’s intention to establish colonies in the northern regions and continue sponsoring, arming, and operating terrorist organizations for use against the Syrian people.

The Foreign Ministry warned the governments of the countries participating in the Turkish project, individuals, and non-governmental and international organizations, of the legal consequences resulting from engaging in financing projects and programs implemented by the Turkish occupation government on the occupied Syrian territories, it stressed its right to take the necessary legal measures to ensure accountability and prosecution.

It also warned the (Kurdish SDF) agents of the American occupation in the northeast of the country against giving any fake excuses to the Turkish regime to justify its colonial policies and plans in Syria.

End of the transcript.

The Syrian border guards and the Russian bases in northern Syria are not going anywhere, Syria has re-enforced its troops in the northern regions within the given capabilities and the mounting threats from all NATO-sponsored sides, and Russia affirmed its strong support to the Syrian state in liberating and preserving the Syrian territories according to the United Nations Charter.

Syria has warned of the criminal plans on the agenda of the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan is planning a large-scale escalation in the northern regions coinciding with the escalation in the assault on the Syrian people by ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Kurdish SDF terrorists, these activities will lead to destabilizing the region and the world.

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