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Iran is ‘NATOing’ NATO: The IRGC Seizes Two Greek Cargo Ships

One of the Greek ships seized by the IRGC in the Persian Gulf - حرس الثورة الإيراني يعلن احتجاز ناقلتين يونانيتين في الخليج

Iran, through its IRGC powerful arm, decided to set a new rule of engagement with high-seas piracy, any Iranian ship or cargo gets pirated, at least two of the pirates’ ships will be seized until the pirated Iranian ship or cargo’s matter is resolved.

In the above context, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps announced they have seized two Greek cargo ships in the Persian Gulf ‘for violating the rules of the sea’ as the Iranian news agency IRNA quoted the IRGC statement.

Furthermore, the IRGC has warned the authorities in Athens that 17 other Greek ships currently in the Persian Gulf will be seized if they do not ‘immediately correct their mistake.’

This IRGC step comes one day after the news was made available that an Iranian cargo of diesel was pirated by the Greek authorities in the Mediterranean, siphoned its diesel shipment onto another ship, and headed to a port in the United States of America.

Western officials refuse to learn from their own mistakes

While the IRGC official statement uses legal terms in their statement reciprocating the Greek’s official statement to justify their act of piracy referring to a US illegal sanctions against Iran and Russia, the Iranian ship pirated operates under a Russian flag as per some sources, other Iranian sources referred to the IRGC’s act as a response to the Greek authorities’ act of piracy.

The government in Greece, like all its predecessors, needs the support of the Greek shippers who have massive influence over the political life in the Hellenic Republic being a main strong economic power in the country; threatening their core business might lead to the downfall of the Greek government, similarly, how the same government resisted EU pressure to ban Russian shipments of oil under the latter’s ‘maximum pressure to harm the Russian people to push them to revolt against their government in Moscow.’

Must say that it’s also very cheap of the Biden junta, and before that of the Trump junta, to force smaller hapless countries to do their crimes when the USA itself failed to carry out such piracy, this time they forced Greece to pirate the Iranian ship cargo and the UK in the previous time.

Greece, since its authorities refused to draw proper lessons from the exact lesson the UK went through has only one option, in our view: pay the owners of the Iranian diesel cargo they pirated proper compensations and undertake not to resort to piracy in the future whatever the pressure its NATO allies exert on it.

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