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mother wife stop tunisian man from joining the deadly jihad in syria

A Tunisian family caused lots of noise & chaos in Kamal Atatürk airport, forcing the security to interfere. Investigation revealed that the cause of the drama was a married Tunisian man. The unnamed man has arrived through the Libyan Airlines to Turkey and was on his way to Syria to fight with AlNusra Front.

Story in details:

A Tunisian mother had followed her son to Turkey, from Tunisia through Libya, escorted by his wife in an attempt to stop him from joining “Jihad” in Syria & dying like many other Tunisians; without their families ever receiving bodies.

Mother & wife had tracked the Tunisian Jihadist to Kamal Atatürk airport where they had caught him just before he got on a plane to Antakya, where he’ll be passing to Syria. The hysterical meeting had caused lots of noise. The wife had a breakdown while he mother started shouting at him not to leave & to go back to Tunisia. Turkish Security interfered then, and paramedics had taken the wife to receive medical aid.

After a long heated discussion wife & mother had convinced the man not to go to Syria. They purchased three return tickets to Tunisia though Libya, true to word they headed back in the same plane.


Source Tunisian electronic newspaper:

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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