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3.7 Million Students Returning to Schools Tomorrow in Syria

Syrian Students Return to Schools

Syrian Ministry of Education issued its latest figures on the status of education all over the country, especially after cleaning more towns and villages from NATO terrorists.

Keep in mind these millions of children are traumatized, terrorized, saw live before their own eyes horror western children would get life-long trauma watching on TVs. Many of these children lost their parents, or one of them or at least a close relative throughout the US-led War of Terror against Syria. The Syrian state through the educators and cadre of the Ministry of Education is working tremendously hard to comfort these children while the Syrian Arab Army and its allies continue to work effortlessly to clean more towns and villages from NATO terrorists, to keep Syria’s future safe and secure.

The following is a list detailing the distribution of 3,693,778 students over 12,791 schools who will resume studying tomorrow 2nd of September for the 2019 – 2020 school year as per the respective heads of provinces in the Ministry of Education.

The Syrian capital Damascus: 880 schools for 361,242 students, under the supervision of 21,212 teachers.

Damascus Countryside Province: 1,580 schools for 650,732 students under the supervision of 34,507 teachers.

Homs Province: 1,490 schools for 371,544 students under the supervision of 25,476 teachers.

Hama Province: 1,520 schools for 405,950 students under the supervision of 30,188 teachers. Intensified work is underway in the recently liberated towns and villages in the northern countryside to evaluate the needs of the schools there.

Aleppo Province: 1,430 schools for 514,603 students under the supervision 24,262 teachers.

Latakia Province: 1,220 schools for 261,221 students under the supervision of 36,200 teachers.

Tartous Province: 1,380 schools for 232,208 students under the supervision of 29,487 teachers.

Sweida Province: 611 schools for 106,618 students under the supervision of 10,396 teachers.

Daraa Province: 620 schools for 229,250 students under the supervision of 15,581 teachers.

Quneitra Province: 280 schools for 100,298 students under the supervision of 6,878 teachers.

Deir Ezzor Province: 570 schools for 100,000 students under the supervision of 8,529 teachers.

Hasaka Province: 320 schools for 86,179 students under the supervision of 6,695 teachers.

Idlib Province: 760 schools for 250,609 students under the supervision of 9,449 teachers.

Liberated areas of Raqqa Province: 130 schools for 23,294 students under the supervision of 1,497 teachers.

That covers all 14 Syrian provinces where the state has access to the education system, in areas still occupied by NATO or its terrorists the situation is complicated with certain arrangements for each case separately.

Worth noting that education in Syria is subsidized by the state and it’s free from kindergarten to Ph.D., and the state also sponsors scholarships abroad in a number of countries around the world.

The education system, just like all other Syria’s infrastructure, was systematically targeted by US-sponsored ‘Freedom Fighters’ and ‘Moderate Terrorists’ who wouldn’t hesitate to blow up cars and explosives next to schools, assassinate teachers, burning books, destroying schools after looting its furniture to feed Turkish Erdogan, and turning schools not completely destroyed to torture and slaughtering centers.

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