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Losses from Terrorists’ Attacks on Al-Bassel Center for Breeding Arabian Horses Estimated at SYP 386.162 Million

Mar 13, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The attacks of the armed terrorist groups didn’t spare animals and livestock, even Arabian horses were affected as terrorists stole and vandalized the contents of Al-Bassel Center for breeding Arabian horses whose overall losses due to terrorist attacks are estimated at SYP 386.162 million.
According to Director of the Arabian Thoroughbred Horses Office at the Agriculture Ministry, Mohammad al-Wadi, terrorist stole or vandalized most horse breeding centers, and that terrorists stole 195 out of 197 stallions, mares and foals that were in Al-Bassel Center which are valued at SYP 275 millions.
Al-Wadi said that the terrorists also stole veterinarian medicine, vaccines and supplies in addition to feed and assorted vehicles, equipment and supplies valued at SYP 3.015 million from the Center, in addition to causing damage to buildings, equipment and stables estimated at SYP 98.98 million.
According to the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) databases, Syria has 5,427 thoroughbred Arabian horses of various, 197 of which were at Al-Bassel Center.

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