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Libyan Leader Killed, Thermal Missiles Destroyed in Idlib

A Libyan field leader in the Free Army militia, plus dozens of Arab fighters, got killed in an operation for the Syrian Army forces in Sarjeh town in Jabal al-Zawieh of Idlib countryside.

The process caused the destruction of 20 cars with machine guns and two trucks, containing thermal and local-made missiles.
Our correspondent pointed out that about 100 insurgents, including the sniper Abu Musaab the Libyan and the leader of Sarjeh fighters Anas al-Khateeb.

The reporter also said that 13 militants of Free Army militia, including the leader Abed al-Razzaq al-Kheder, were killed and 26 others were wounded in striking their position in al-Taman’a town of Jeser al-Shughour countryside.
In Homs, the Free Army militia gunmen set fast checkpoints in al-Wa’er neighborhood and targeted the brigades building, causing injuries of Syrian soldiers.

Our correspondent in Homs stated that the Syrian Army opened fire on the checkpoint, causing them to flee from the neighborhood, where a position for the militants was seized in Jobar orchards, containing arms and gas containers.  
Morning clashes took place between the Syrian Army forces and the armed militias in the al-Tadamon neighborhood in the eastern side of Damascus city.

The armed conflicts turned severe between the Palestinian Public Committees and the fighters of Free Army militia in al-Yarmouk Camp of Palestinian Refugees.

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