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Libya ‘Arab Springed’: Lashing in Public

We heard a story of children with nails removed by a Syrian security branch without seeing any proof about it and no names mentioned for the past 24 months that left about 100,000 persons dead and a whole country being systematically destroyed in the name of ‘democracy’.

Now we see men being lashed on a public street in front of crowds of people in a country with a regime installed and sponsored by the US, UK, and France, with the money of the most democratic states Saudi Arabia & Qatar. Any response by Obama, Cameron, and Hollande or any UN organization?

By the way, the following report was done by Saudi owned Al Arabiya news channel, one of the NATO warmongering Vuvuzelas:

obama-africa genocide
The picture is just indicative, he didn’t eat his sandwich in front of the burnt-out corpses
Obama we do not negotiate with terrorists because we are the terrorists

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