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lavrov terrorism cant be justified for overthrowing legitimate regimes

Feb 02, 2013

MUNICH, GERMANY, (SANA) – The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stressed that terrorism cannot be justified in order to bring down legitimate regimes, underlining the importance of confronting terrorism and extremism with all their forms.

In a speech in front of the 49th Munich Security Conference on Saturday, Lavrov called for addressing crises in the countries through comprehensive dialogue away from the policies of foreign dictates and sanctions.

“We should contribute to overcoming international crises and national conflicts through advocating endeavors for organizing a national comprehensive dialogue and abandoning imposing sanctions through the Security Council, in addition to confronting terrorism and extremism with all their manifestations,” said Lavrov.

He held Russia’s partners in the international action group responsible for the continuation of the crisis in Syria, saying “Had all the partners in Geneva action group, held last June 30th, agreed and concentrated their efforts on implementing the Statement’s items, the crisis in Syria would have ended by now.”

The Russian Foreign Minister suggested holding another meeting for the action group on Syria, expressing hope that the UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi would pose this idea.

Lavrov called upon all the international sides to commit to responsible stances and abandon simplified patterns and mottos, pointing out that the countries of the Euro-Atlantic region have more common than different points regarding several issues.

“We seek stability to prevail in the Middle East region, North Africa and the African Continent in general…We should agree that we will support democratic transformations and reforms in the countries that have found themselves on the track of reform without imposing foreign dictates on them,” he added.

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