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Kuwait to Execute 11 Suspects in Imam Sadiq Mosque Bombing

Imam Sadiq Mosque Victims Burial Procedures

Public prosecutor in Kuwait is said to call for the execution of 11 suspects convicted in having roles assisting the suicide bomber who blew himself up in a mosque earlier this month.

Kuwaiti Qabas newspaper added that public prosecutor has charged 29 persons including 7 women of being accomplice in the terrorist attack in the Kuwaiti capital that caused the killing of 26 civilian worshipers and wounding 200 others.

Imam Sadiq Mosque Victims Burial Procedures
Imam Sadiq Mosque Victims Burial Procedures

7 of these suspects only are Kuwaiti nationals, 5 Saudis, 3 Pakistanis and 13 without citizenship ‘Bidoun’ in addition to one person whose nationality is not specified.

2 fugitive suspects are fighting with the Obama regime sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels‘ aka ISIS which claimed responsibility for the attack.

24 are arrested in Kuwait, 5 will be prosecuted in absence including 2 Saudis arrested in Saudi Arabia who transfered the explosives to Kuwait.

Kuwaiti government also said to have established a permanent committee to ‘fight terror in all its forms’. There was no mentioning of the prominent radical figures in Kuwait and how to deal with them like the member of Kuwaiti parliament Tabtabaei who fought with terrorist groups in Syria and bragged about it, or the scholar Shafi Ajami who led a crowd in front of the Kuwaiti parliament bragging about the massacre of Hatlah in Syria which was carried out by one of his relatives and his group of terrorists and resulted in the killing of over 60 civilians most of which were women and children.

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