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Kerry: The US Seeks to Bring the Syrian Leadership and Opposition to the Negotiation Table


Mar 13, 2013

OSLO,(SANA)- US Secretary of State, John Kerry stressed that the US seeks to bring the Syrian leadership and the opposition to the negotiation table with the aim of forming a “transitional government” within the framework reached in Geneva.

Kerry’s remarks came during a press conference with his Norwegian counterpart Espen Barth held on Tuesday.

The website of Russia Today channel quoted Kerry as saying that Geneva Statement requires a mutual consent by both sides to from a transitional government.
“A Syrian opposition that is ready for cooperation must come to the negotiation table…We are working on this, and we will continue our work,” Kerry added.
He indicated that Washington will continue to pressurize the “Syrian opposition to guarantee the unity of its ranks.”

Kerry considered that “Forming a transitional government in Syria doesn’t only require changing the calculations of the Syrian government, but it also requires reaching more accord between the opposition forces.”

For his party, the Norwegian Foreign Minister avoided answering a question on whether his country supports supplying the armed groups in Syria with weapons as Britain does.

“At least until today we haven’t supported the idea of arming the opposition,” he said, asserting that his country’s stance and the US stance are identical.

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