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Al-Jazeera and its Role in Egypt: Resignation of Reporters Continues

Propaganda Al Jazeera (Pic from Syria, Aleppo)

The Resignations of the Al-Jazeera journalists in Egypt continue and Fatima Nabil, Karem Mohamed, Ahmed Abdul-Roauf from the Al-Jazeera Mobasher (live station) office in Egypt have joined the list of resigned journalists from the Qatari satellite channel, which is already known for its suspicious one-sided role in the coverage about the Syrian conflict.

Some reporters and correspondents of the Qatari satellite channel Al-Jazeera have already resigned due to its false reporting and one-sided coverage of the events in Syria, while it is known that the false reports were published and broadcasted by the Qatari channel since the beginning of the problems and conflict (let`s call it a proxy war and the implementation of the Salvador option in order to overthrow the secular government and to implement chaos and bloodshed) in Syria.

Beside the now former Al-Jazeera journalists Fatima Nabil, Karem Mohamed, Ahmed Abdul-Roauf from the office in Egypt also Hatem Farid, Osama Radi, Alaa Ayouti and Shehata Awad from Al-Jazeera finally joined the list of resigned reporters and this is a clear sign that something really stinks in the offices and reports by this Qatari news and satellite channel.

These reporters followed the already resigned (former) Al-Jazeera reporters Wissam Ibrahim and Hajjaj Salama. Hajjaj Salama was working for Al-Jazeera in the beautiful Luxor and Wissam Ibrahim was the known correspondent of the Qatari propaganda channel Al-Jazeera in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The resignations due to the false reporting and dubious coverage by Al-Jazeera would be a surprise but after the role of Al-Jazeera in terms of the Syrian conflict and after knowing that Al-Jazeera is just the mouthpiece of the totalitarian dictatorship of Qatar, these recent resignations are no surprise at all.

It is to expect that the resignations of the journalists who are working for the Qatari propaganda channel Al-Jazeera in Egypt and especially in the capital Cairo will continue. The reporters have all resigned in protests of the provocative policy and the “non-professional” coverage of the partly violent events in Egypt. In addition, the resigned reporters and correspondents of the Qatar propaganda station Al-Jazeera also stated, that they resigned in protest of the attempt by Al-Jazeera to ignite sedition among the Egyptian people.

Propaganda Al Jazeera (Pic from Syria, Aleppo)

Also several Egyptian journalists have already demanded that the crew of Al-Jazeera gets expelled from all the press conferences by the Egyptian army and the spokesmen of the Egyptian Interior Ministry and the further official events in terms of press events.

There is also the launched campaign by the Egyptian “al-Watan” newspaper Majdi al-Jallad. The campaign demands the act to delete the channel(s) of the Qatari propaganda station Al-Jazeera from the satellite receivers in all houses and flats in Egypt – because of the dangerous role of Al-Jazeera in igniting sedition and even violence among the Egyptian people.

Certainly also due to the false coverage and news by Al-Jazeera. There are probably also some people out there who would support a campaign to completely delete Al-Jazeera from the planet.

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  1. Elise Hietikko

    Thank you for this important information. Al-Jazeera was also a key misinformation resource of the U.S.-EU-NATO invasion and occupation of Libya. It is amazing how Americans understand that the Iraq occupation is due to U.S.-EU-NATO oil interests, yet fail to see the exact same phenomenon in Libya, Syria and Iran.

    Can you please run another article updating us on the Iran-Iraq-Syria friendship pipeline and how this offers the world an alterative to Qatari energy flows? Like super simple for us much-lied-to and confused Americans. Thank you dear sisters and brothers.

    • M K

      Thank you Elise and sorry for the bad english.. I don`t have endless time for this site and I am not a native speaker.. I will try. Already wrote something before the site was closed due the reason that several militants in and outside Syria started to threaten me and my family. I`ve been to Syria two times since the beginning of the conflict and traveled through the country and also to some hotspots.. and previous the start of the conflict, proxy war or whatever (..), I already traveled to Syria very often because it was a real nice and friendly country with nice secular people in the most areas (not in Idlib). I enjoyed my weeks or even month(s) there every year before the conflict startet. There were never problems with the people or the police, security or whatever. It was nice spending time there.

      Have a good evening/day :)

  2. Arklight

    I’ve not watched al Jazeera (English) for some time, and have no intention of starting up again. Early on the reportage seemed to be fairly objective, but it soon deteriorated into the usual blather, too much like our own Lamestream media in the US.

  3. rouge

    So true @Arkight

    They did good reporting on Deepwater Horizon disaster in Gulf of Mexico, but other than that, I quit long ago also.

  4. Dawn Elise

    Thank you, MK. No pressure at all. I understand. Thank you for all the excellent reporting you have done so far. I will try and write something explanatory for my friends and neighbors and ask you to double-check my understanding of facts, if that is at all helpful.

    Today I was at a demo and overheard folks speaking about a demo against U.S. aggression in Syria. I asked them if they knew of any demos and they said tomorrow that New York City (New York, U.S.) was finally having one. Best yet, it is a coalition of all the major antiwar groups who called it! They admitted that the largest and most mainstream groups signed onto the call out of guilt and pressure and may not actually send many members, but that this was still an important show of solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Syria. The name of the coalition of antiwar groups is the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC). Their website is The specific info for the New York demo is:

    New York City, NY
    Wednesday, July 10, 2013
    5:00 p.m.
    Times Square Recruitment Station (this is where the u.s. army try to brainwash and recruit young people & right in the center of the city)
    Contact 212-633-6646 or [email protected]
    (this number and this email are for an antiwar group based around a political party (Workers World) that is moderately sized for a leftist party, but further to the left that most New Yorkers and not always able to turn out a large crowd; this is only one group in the united coalition, not the actual national coalition, just for your information).

    I am not a member of this political party, but am an older activist who works with everybody who is anti u.s. invasion/war. I will send you photos of the demo tomorrow night. I will also volunteer to make them a better website so they can organize against U.S. imperialism better and to try and hold off more U.S. destruction to Syria. Much love and solidarity. Please take this comment down if it should not be in the public area, thank you.

  5. Ashraf

    Dear MK,

    thank you for this post. All these information are really helpful. I’ve been searching for these sort of information because I feel that Al-Jazeera has been reporting one sided stories in our country Bangladesh as well. All their stories seem to undermine the 1971 war trials that are going on right now. Their stories always sympathize with the Jamaat-e-Islami party (A religious political party that is against the Bangladesh liberal war crime trials ). Living here in Bangladesh, I know from first hand experience that the stories that they report are not entirely true, many are very one sided. With their help the days of a moderate Islamic Bangladesh seems to be limited and a more strict Islamic state that is intolerant of other peoples’ religions and cultures await us. Sad but true.
    For now I’ve stopped watching Al-Jazeera, because i just do not trust their news coverage anymore. In earlier days I used to think their news were unbiased well presented and well researched, but not anymore.

    Thank you MK for sharing your side of the story and helping people see the truth.

    With regards,


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