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Israel War Crimes Will Not Protect its Agents of Terrorism: Syria’s FM

Israel bombs Al Safirah near Aleppo Syria 19 July 2021

Following Israel’s most recent war criminal bombing of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday that such attacks will not protect its terrorist affiliates in the SAR — Jabhat al Nusra, DAESH/ISIS, the White Helmets, et al.. The criminal attacks by the US welfare state in the Levant will not halt the Syrian Arab Army from protecting its citizenry by fighting the savage takfiri, nor their illicit sponsors.

The attack on the al Safirah area of Aleppo countryside was the latest in Israeli arrogant war criminal bombings of the Levantine republic; Israel first began its terrorist bombings in May 2013, when the welfare queen that continues to suckle at the nearly dry American taxpayer teat, came to the rescue of al Qaeda near Damascus. The aerial bombing was coordinated so the terrorists on the ground were able to capture their ‘Kodak moment’ with their expensive cameras.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry noted that the most recent war criminal aggression “coincided with missile attacks launched by Jabhat al Nusra terrorists on some areas of Aleppo and the north of Hama province from their terrorist dens in Idleb, which they control as a result of support and funding provided by the US and Turkish occupation forces to al Nusra and other armed terrorist organizations linked to Israel.”

Syria News reminds our readers that Israel’s affinity to terrorists includes providing the mass murderers, beheaders, kidnappers with state of the art trauma care, on Syria’s Golan that is under criminal Israeli occupation, that Israeli media have bragged about saving the lives of ISIS terrorists, and have also bragged about transporting terrorists from the occupied Golan into Israeli hospitals, for further, free treatment and physical rehabilitation.

Israel enjoys all the protections of a NATO country, without being a dues-paying member. US American readers may also be reminded that while so many need to ‘crowd fund’ to pay medical bills, their taxes help to fund making sure that ISIS terrorists get the state of the art trauma care, in the occupied Golan.

Consider, also, the state of unaffordable health care in the USA and the lack of our government — federal and local — concern over the lack of potable water, collapsing infrastructure, gas explosions that blow up houses, ancient water infrastructure that gets replaced after it ruptures, destroying businesses in flooding, or creating sinkholes that inspire pathetic gratitude when no one is killed in them.

We give Israel more than three billion dollars of our tax money, every year; yet it took how many years to replace most of the decrepit water piping leeching lead into what was supposed to be potable water, in Flint, Michigan? How did we allow even an affluent condo building to collapse, killing 94 persons? How do we neglect forestry and then wail about the annul wildfires?

The financial stability, the health of US Americans is ignored, while our taxes fund terror states, such as Israel, which bulldozes homes of Palestinians and provides meticulous emergency trauma care to ISIS — one of many al Qaeda offshoots that remains on the terror lists of the US, European countries, and the UN.

The statement of the Syrian Arab Republic’s Foreign Ministry also warned Israel of repercussions involving its war crimes, “under false pretexts, of its continuous support to armed terrorist organizations and of its continued occupation of Arab lands, including the Occupied Syrian Golan” and holds Israel responsible for aiding ISIS and other al Qaeda savages against the Syrian people, against their republic.

The statement concluded with a call to the UN Security Council to “fulfill its obligations within the framework” of its Charter, to promote peace and security, and to condemn the most recent Israel war criminal aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, and crimes against humanity inflicted on the Syrian Arab people.

It is unlikely that the NATO klan ruling the UN — a klansmanship engaged in collective idol worship of the war criminal, constitution-less state created for the purpose of destabilization of the region — will utter a monosyllabic word to condemn Israel on its most recent war crimes.

The NATO junta has never condemned any atrocity committed by Israel — against the Palestinians, against the Syrians.

Miri Wood


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