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Iraq a Death Hole


Its started in Anbar and Fallijah not a long  period ago  between The Iraqi Army Forces and the ISIL in Anbar and Fallujah  where al-Qaeda-affiliated force asserted control over the western Iraqi city of Fallujah on Friday, raising its flag over government buildings and declaring an Islamic state in a crucial area near the Syrian borders where a “civil” war have been on fire for the last 3 years

The capture of Fallujah came amid an explosion of violence across the western desert province of Anbar in which local tribes, Iraqi security forces and al-Qaeda-affiliated militants have been fighting one another for days in a confusingly chaotic three-way war.

However and suddenly did we hear on news that the ISIL took control over Mosul the second major city in Iraq.

All was shocked to that fact; where are the Iraqi forces ? But the reason all started to say and others confirmed  was the betrayal in the lines of the top Iraqi forces, opening a path way for the the ISIL.

However, Militants took control of the Iraqi city of Tikrit too and freed hundreds of prisoners( about 300 terrorists) on Wednesday, police said, the second provincial capital to fall in two days.

“All of Tikrit is in the hands of the militants,” a police colonel said of the Salaheddin provincial capital, which lies roughly half way between Baghdad and Iraq’s second city Mosul which fell on Tuesday. 

In addition the ISIL seized Kirkuk province and  overran the Hawijah, Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi areas west of the city of Kirkuk, and Rashad and Yankaja to its south, Colonel Ahmed Taha said.

The militants moved into Siniyah and Sulaiman Bek, both located north of Baghdad.

However, what is important about Al Mosal.

Al Mosul  also lies next to the Syrian border where the ISIL had been able to transport American vehicles   to Syrian provinces under their  control and had been able to expand there control over Iraq (see following pictures)

And not to forget all religious figures in Iraq both Sunni and Shiite have called for Jihad and protection of Iraq against these terrorist and the unity of Iraq.

Finally,the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki made a nationally televised call to arms addressed to all citizens of Iraq:

“to defend the homeland from and defeat terrorism”. Al-Maliki added that his cabinet has “created a special crisis group to follow-up on the process of volunteering and of arming volunteers”.

And this following pictures show the great number of volunteers who are volunteering to join the Iraqi forces in this War.

And now we received news that the Elite force in the Iraqi Army took control of Kirkuk.

However we got news also that the ISIL had been able to steal about 500 million dollar from the Mosul bank hundreds of Gold Bars.

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